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Welcome, parents.

What is Elevate Live?

Welcome to Elevate K-12! The Elevate K-12 program is a system of teaching and learning that allows certified teachers from across the United States to instruct students in a live virtual classroom. Your child has been chosen to participate in an Elevate K-12 class at school, which will support your child in mastering the skills and concepts that are essential for success in their future educational endeavors.​

The Elevate K-12 program closely monitors the progress of every student individually, in the hope that we can increase mastery and improve test scores.

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Tips to help your child succeed

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Your child’s new teacher

Your child should be excited to learn from the best teachers in the country. Elevate K-12 empowers teachers to do what they do best. Teach! We are connecting knowledgeable and engaging teachers with a passion for education to your child. Removing the zip code restrictions and focusing on providing the highest quality education.

Your child’s classroom experience

The Elevate K-12 Classroom is built to be as close to a traditional classroom as possible. A school with Elevate K-12 converts a traditional classroom into an Elevate Live Classroom by adding a projector, mic, camera, speakers, and laptops. Your child will walk into the Elevate Classroom in the school, sign into their laptop, and class will begin. The teacher and curriculum are displayed largely at the front of the room and full audio provides a fluid method of communication. The laptop and software promote engagement and a new way of learning with proven results. The paraprofessional is on-site to supervise and help your child if issues arise. When the bell rings your child simply logs off and heads to their next classroom.

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Parent Resources

Elevate K-12: Letter to Parents
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Elevate K-12: Logging in at Home
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How to login to the Elevate K-12 platform (Student View)
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The Elevate K-12 Live Streaming Class
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