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5 Ideas For Your Virtual Valentine's Day Celebration!

For many of us, Valentine's Day reminds us of exchanging charming notes and treats with classmates and that inevitable 3 pm sugar crash that would happen after eating an entire packet of RazzApple Fun Dip for lunch. If you thought providing the same nostalgic memories for your students in a virtual setting would be impossible, think again. We've compiled a list of 5 ideas for throwing a Valentine's Day party for your virtual classroom.

1. Share a classic Valentine's Day story with your students.

Read a Valentine's Day book aloud to your class. "Love Grows Everywhere" by Barry Timms highlights a different kind of love; the friendship between a farmer's daughter and the new boy in town. Teach your students the skill of self-compassion with Susan Verde's short story, "I Am Love: A Book of Compassion." Your students will learn the interconnectedness of mindfulness and self-love through this Valentine's Day tale.

2. Take a trip around the world with your students to discover how other countries celebrate love and confections!

There is a long list of countries with similar traditions to Valentine's Day. Dia dos Namorados, or "Lovers' Day," on June 12th, is a celebration held in Brazil centered around exchanging chocolates, flowers, and cards and celebrating the love in their relationships. In Wales, the country skips Saint Valentine and celebrates Saint Dwynwen, the Welsh patron saint of lovers, on January 25th. Their primary tradition involves gifting carved intricate wooden spoons to their loved ones to symbolize the special connection they share.

Introducing your students to other cultures' traditions is a great way to teach them something new while simultaneously celebrating our day of love!

3. Provide your students an engaging creative outlet by having them design digital Valentine's Day cards for their classmates

In 2022, students are more tech-savvy than ever and are sure to enjoy anything that allows them to flex their inventiveness. This video walks through the steps to have your students assemble virtual Valentine's Day cards for each other using PowerPoint.

4. Amp it up with a virtual Valentine's Day-themed game

There are numerous different ways to host a digital game for your students. These Valentine's Day-themed games on Google slides will capture your classroom's attention while giving them something enjoyable to do for the holiday.

5. Ask students to submit their best dessert recipes and compile a digital class cookbook.

What's the best part about celebrating Valentine's Day? In my opinion, it's the abundance of delectable, sweet treats. Up the ante by having students make their chosen desserts at home to share with their classmates!

Have your students send in their favorite dessert recipe, and then create a digital class cookbook for them to download.

These are only a few of our Pinterest-approved ideas for how to create a virtual Valentine's Day party your students will remember for years to come! What are your ideas for hosting a virtual Valentine's Day bash? Comment on our social media to give your fellow teachers ideas this February!

From all of us at Elevate K-12, we wish you a holiday full of everlasting love, memories, and, of course, candy.