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Fayette-Ware High students received high-quality Algebra I and II instruction


The Principal of Fayette-Ware High School in Fayette County, TN had a dilemma; the school couldn’t find a qualified Algebra teacher in the Fayette County school district area, so the 9th and 10th grade students were struggling to understand Algebra I and II.


Dr. Watkins had two goals in mind to solve the Algebra teacher dilemma: 1) find a high-quality instructor and 2) ensure that the students achieve positive academic outcomes as a result of this new instructor. The district approached Elevate K-12 to see if they could provide high-quality (Tier 1) core classroom instruction.


Sure enough, Elevate K-12 was ready to step in! Fayette-Ware High School partnered with Elevate K-12 to bring on a high-quality live, online Algebra instructor and to develop an engaging, impactful Algebra I and II curriculum aligned to the school’s scope and sequence. Students would arrive to class and login to their laptop while the live, online instructor (projected on a screen at the front of the room) took them through the class material and quizzes in a fun, engaging way. A paraprofessional was physically present during class to make sure the students stayed on track.


Students received high-quality Algebra I and II instruction through Elevate K-12’s live, online platform, and Elevate K-12 managed the instructional quality and academic outcomes of the program. A total win-win!

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