• Elevate K-12

Small Town, Big Results: Successful Learning Environment No Matter the Zip Code

Lee County HS began with Elevate K-12 in August 2020 with an accelerated Algebra 1/Geometry course for 9th grade students. During the first few weeks of the Elevate class, all students met for face to face instruction before eventually moving to a hybrid layout where some students worked from home and others remained in the classroom. During the course of the first semester, Elevate K-12 tracked data in the following categories to determine successes and challenges as students were working in a hybrid instructional environment: student attendance, student participation and student test scores.

Student attendance remained steady overall but fluctuated within the first semester due to changes within the classroom layout. In addition, ensuring that students working from home had the proper device and internet access to continue instruction was vital.

The combination of a strong, highly qualified instructor, engaging Classroom Coach and involved school administration produced student participation ratings that consistently remained high throughout the school year.

Exceptional student participation proved to be important to the success of student test scores. On average. test scores fell within the 84% range and maintained this progress in the midst of classroom layout changes and transitioning to a new instructor at the end of the semester.

Case Study Lee - Hybrid
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