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Successful Language Learning Through Partnership Prepares Students For Real Life

Sacred Heart Catholic School in Hallettsville, Texas began with Elevate K-12 in August 2020 with a 10th grade Spanish I program & an 11th grade Spanish II program. The Spanish class was offered as an enrichment course option for students. Students began attending school in person from the start of the semester with social distancing and safety measures in place to make for a positive learning environment.

Our Mentor Instructor collaborated with the Sacred Heart classroom coach from day one to set up a strong foundation for the students. The classroom coach and instructor have strong communication around attendance, student behavior & needs, grades, and school specific updates. Both the instructor and classroom coach ratings are exceeding expectations at a 4.0 out of 4.0 rating scale. This translates into a high client expectation score of a 3.0 out of 4.0 scale.

The student performance and outcome data are outstanding. The attendance data was strong all first semester with an average of 86% of students in school for their Spanish class. Despite the challenges of student engagement & virtual learning, we still saw high participation from our Elevate K-12 Sacred Heart Spanish I & II students with an average participation rate of 3.94 out of a 5 rating scale.

With students participating and engaged in their learning, we saw success on their formative assessment scores where students averaged at 90% on their QZ assessments. By using this data to personalize instruction, the average end of Unit assessment score from first semester was 94%.

Learning a second language is such an important life skill for these high school students in the context of their state demographics and to prepare them for college and beyond. We see that the Elevate K-12 Sacred Heart Spanish students are being set up for success to be able to apply their Spanish speaking skills outside of their classroom to the workplace now and in the future as active, engaged citizens of a global society.

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