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Maynard Jackson High students saw an 18% score increase in Algebra I


Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta was struggling to find a solution to low Georgia Milestones scores in Algebra I that got real results.


Ms. Stephanie Johnson, Principal of Maynard Jackson, identified two goals to turn around Maynard Jackson’s performance: first, find an effective solution to raise Algebra I Milestones scores. Second, find a program that truly engages students and allows them to ask questions to ensure authentic and comprehensive understanding.


Maynard Jackson partnered with Elevate K-12 to develop a curriculum focused on specific areas where students were struggling within the Algebra I content area. Then, once students were divided into small groups based on skill set, they worked through curriculum aligned to Georgia Milestones standards with the same online instructor for all sessions. The relationship that developed between students and instructors allowed students to feel comfortable asking questions which, in turn, deepened their understanding of the content.


Students in the Elevate K-12 program saw scores increase by 18% in Algebra I, compared to the previous year.

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