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Continuing High Quality Education: Serving Students at Home

Jefferson Parish Schools began with Elevate K-12 in September 2020 with an ELA course for 8th grade honors students. The ELA course in Jefferson Parish is unique given that instructors meet with a varied number of students from ten different school sites streaming into the class simultaneously. Majority of the classes have students logging in from home, while a small selection of students opted to remain in the classroom. During the course of the first semester, Elevate K-12 tracked data in the following categories to determine successes and challenges as students were working in an at home instructional environment: student attendance, student participation and student test scores.

With the complexities of multiple school sites and partnering with even more Classroom Coaches, student attendance remained steady throughout the first semester with an average rating of 82%.

Student participation can be challenging for schools with students logging in from home. For the ELA course in Jefferson Parish, students showed they were the exception to the rule. Participation not only remained consistent, but students from this program averaged at 4.7 out of a 5 scale rating for participation.

As classes continued strong with student attendance and participation, test scores saw an increase of 11% by the end of the semester. No matter the challenges placed on students this semester, they persevered and used those challenges as motivation to be successful in the classroom.

Case Study Jefferson Parish - Remote
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