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Elevate K-12 STAAR
Small Group Live

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill test preparation in a small group setting

Empower students who may need extra support with personalized instruction from certified live teachers in a strategically focused classroom setting.

Ways schools use STAAR Small Group LIVE

Districts use Elevate K-12 Small Group LIVE classes to meet the unique needs of their students. 

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Test Prep

Give your students an edge on STAAR exams with high-quality test prep.

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Help students 1-3 years behind grade-level with a MTSS/Rtl tiered support plan.

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Support students who are at grade-level, but may benefit from increased depth of content, or differentiation.

“Last year all Biology testers were in Elevate classes and 86% scored as proficient. The LIVE teaching model was very impactful for our students.”
Dr. Cassandra Barker
Deputy Superintendent, Teaching & Learning Lancaster Independent School District

How it works


Design & customize your STAAR Small Group LIVE program

Select STAAR Small Group LIVE classes for groups of 20 (or fewer) students with similar learning needs. The subject focus, format, pace, curriculum, and schedule can all be customized to best meet your schools’ and students’ needs. 


Let us do the rest

We provide high-quality, certified, U.S.-based, LIVE teachers, TEKS-aligned curriculum, and a technology platform that is built to promote live classroom engagement.


Classroom set-up

Students enter the classroom and see their Elevate LIVE teacher on a large screen at the front of the class. An in-person Classroom Coach circulates to support students as needed. Students raise their hands, ask questions, and engage with their teacher and other students, just like a regular classroom!

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long-term substitute teacher standing in front of classroom full of students

What you get

  • Certified LIVE Teacher
  • Tailored Program, 3-5 Days a Week
  • Flexible Scheduling Before, During, or After School
  • TEKS-Aligned Curriculum

Classes available

Middle School

  • Math 8
  • ELA 8
  • Science 8

High School

  • Algebra I
  • ELA I (9th grade)
  • ELA II (10th Grade)
  • Biology
  • US History
High School Students In Classroom

Customize to meet your needs

How your class is structured is all up to you. Using the Small Group LIVE format, you can customize your classes to meet the unique needs of your students, including:

  • Choose from any STAAR tested subject area
  • Select program frequency of 3, 4, or 5 days a week
  • Select class lengths anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes
  • Support small group learning with up to 20 students

Learn more about Elevate K-12 STAAR Small Group LIVE options