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Never run classes without a certified teacher again.

Live teaching can solve your teacher shortage problem, as shown in recent news coverage. Watch to see how Elevate K-12 brings certified, professional, fun, passionate, energetic, and caring teachers to teach the classes your students are longing to take.

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We solve your teacher shortage with LIVE teaching.

Mrs. Lilly


Mrs. Willa


Mr. Adam


Mr. Will


Ms. Amber

World History

Ms. Ming


Ms. Leona


Ms. Sarah


Ms. Anne


Ms. Davia

World History

Mr. Todd

Coding 1

Mr. Carlos


Mr. Sam

World History

Ms. Sylvia


Ms. Anna


Mr. David

World History

Mr. Arthur


Ms. Tricia


Didn’t think you could offer that class? Now you can.
(Never run a class on credit recovery software again.)

We offer over 100 classes for grades K-12.




Social Studies

Computer Science









Environmental Science


Our technology is revolutionizing education.

Students love these stop-and-check assessments that they can complete within minutes, right during class time. Teachers can immediately view the results and get a quick pulse-check of how students are feeling about lessons and concepts.

Elevate’s interactive polls allow teachers to gauge how students are feeling about lessons and use the immediate results to inform their plans for the remainder of class.

Students and teachers can annotate right on the virtual whiteboard, and teachers have the ability to toggle these tools on a student-by-student basis, so only students who are expected to write on the board will have access to it.

All Elevate programs are equipped with fully interactive video capabilities. The instructor projected on a large screen in front of the class and sees all the students as one class, not as individual video squares, and the students can see the teacher both on the large screen and on their individual monitors. The in-room paraprofessional helps students navigate their technology, and teachers are provided live, 24/7 tech support to troubleshoot when needed.

In addition to raising their hands right in the classroom, students can use a hand raise tool that functions just the same, but in our digital landscape.

Teachers, Classroom Coaches, and students all have access to the class chat, where people can ask and answer questions, build community, and keep open communication across the room without extra distraction.

For one-on-one attention or personal questions, students can use the private chat, where they can communicate directly with the teacher, or the teacher can reach out privately to a student.

Who has solved their teacher shortage problem with us?
Thousands of schools in several hundred districts and counting.

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Why are districts jumping onto Elevate?

We appreciated Elevate K12, especially during COVID, with providing an avenue for students to continue to learn in areas such as Spanish. We are grateful for the partnership and support; It means so much.

Dr. Lindsie Almquist

Hutto, TX ISD

We are incredibly grateful to our school system and to Elevate K-12 for this partnership. It has proven to be invaluable in this season, where finding teachers has been extraordinarily difficult. Learning partners like Elevate K-12 will prove to be trendsetters moving forward. Once we got going, it has been a joy and pleasure to have them servicing the needs of our students!

Principal Robert Jackson

Westwood High School, Blythewood, SC

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