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Elevate K-12’s Special Ed Live Teaching

When it comes to Special Ed,
doing nothing is not a solution.

Schools across the country are experiencing a severe special education teacher shortage. Without options, schools are left “doing nothing” and many students with educational disabilities have not received direct instruction from a certified teacher since before the pandemic. It’s time to think differently, and it’s time to do something for students who deserve exceptional attention!

Meet Ms. Ingram, a Special Ed LIVE teacher!

Elevate K-12’s Special Ed LIVE teaching is the answer.

Give students the instruction they deserve, from a live teacher who cares

Our Special Ed LIVE classroom provides schools with a comprehensive solution for students with mild to moderate disabilities, including a LIVE certified US-based special education teacher, adapted state-aligned content, coverage of accommodation & modifications, and data reporting. This is all coordinated by an Elevate K-12 Inclusive Learning Manager who partners with districts to ensure every student’s needs and IEP requirements are being met.

3 different ways schools use Special Ed LIVE


Traditional Resource Pull Out

Special Ed LIVE can be used as an additional “double-dip” of grade level content to meet instructional minutes for IEPs and improve grade level performance in general ed classes.


Core Instruction

Using our standards-aligned, grade level content, Special Ed LIVE can be used as a core/credit course for students with IEPs who need a slower pace and extra support.


Alleviate Caseloads

Use Special Ed LIVE to alleviate caseloads for on the-ground special education teachers, freeing them up to focus on supporting inclusion, individual intervention, progress monitoring, and IEPs.

How Special Ed LIVE works


Classroom set-up

Small groups of up to 12 students with IEPs are pulled out from their general ed classes 3-5 days a week to spend a class period in the Special Ed LIVE classroom.


Cluster seating

Students sit in clusters of 2-4 with their Special Ed LIVE teacher on a large screen at the front of class. An in-person Classroom Coach circulates to support as needed.

Elevate Specialed Classroom
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A typical day

  1. Special Ed LIVE classes all begin with a consistent welcome routine, starting with the teacher greeting students by name as soon as they enter.
  2. Class time is spent building foundational skills in Math or ELA and helping students access grade-level content through group and individual practice. 
  3. Throughout class, the Elevate K-12 platform prompts students to assess their understanding, giving Special Ed LIVE teachers real-time data to help customize their live instruction.

Accommodations & reporting are covered

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Accommodations & Modifications

Accommodations are built-into each lesson, for example extended time, brain breaks, and visual reinforcement. Plus, all individual student accommodations from IEPs are addressed by our teachers and materials.

Photo: Students stretch during a “Brain Break”

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Adapted Content

Our content is adapted to support diverse learning needs. By focusing on the most important learning standards, reducing complex reading passages and ambiguous language, slower pacing, and additional practice, student gain access to grade-level content.

Photo: Our adapted content breaks concepts into smaller, more accessible components

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Our Inclusive Learning Coordinators collaborate with your school’s case manager, special ed coordinator, or lead teacher to provide timely student-centered data and support you in fulfilling your reporting requirements.

Photo: We provide student participation & attendance data, summative & formative assessment data, plus class work status & grades

Schools & students say it works

We’ve heard from schools, teachers, and students that Special Ed LIVE works!

I like my Elevate LIVE class! It helps me because the teacher explains things slowly. She uses slides and I really like her voice.
6th Grade Student
North Carolina
I am impressed with how well the Special Ed LIVE program is going. The content goes back far, which is good because I was shocked to see how many students did not know the foundational skills.
Special Education Supervisor
North Carolina
We looked hard for Special Ed teachers, but just couldn’t find them. Finally we piloted the Elevate K-12 Special Ed classroom and the results were phenomenal. We honestly couldn’t believe how well it worked.
Michael Harris
Senior Director of Talent Management, Milwaukee Public Schools

Districts across the country are using Special Ed LIVE 

We partner with districts across the country who use our Special Ed classrooms to meet their unique needs!

  • Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, Alaska
  • KIPP Colorado, Colorado
  • Weld Re-8 School District, Colorado
  • Douglas County School System, Georgia
  • West Harvey-Dixmoor Public School District 147, Ilinois
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools, Michigan
  • Granville County Public Schools, North Carolina
  • Berkeley County School District, South Carolina
  • Chester County School District, South Carolina
  • School District of Newberry County, South Carolina
  • Aldine ISD, Texas
  • Lancaster ISD, Texas
  • Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin
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Let us help you solve your special education teacher needs!

Special Education FAQs

Elevate’s Special Ed LIVE is an instructional space designed for students who with mild to moderate disabilities and have been identified with an IEP or 504 plan. A certified special education teacher will provide high quality instruction at students’ enrollment grade level or at their functional level.

  1. Traditional Resource Pull Out – supplemental instruction to meet individualized needs of students enhancing skills and confidence to bring back to their core/inclusion classroom.
  2. Core Instruction – taught by a certified special education teacher, Elevate can serve students in self-contained classrooms, alternate schools, and transitional learning centers.
  3. Alleviate Caseloads – free up on-site special education teachers to focus on case management, 1:1 intervention with students, and parent meetings.

Elevate’s core general education content is adapted by Special Education Subject Matter Experts. These experienced Special Educators review each unit, lesson by lesson and reduce text on each page, remove ambiguity, add more checks-for-understanding, increase brain breaks within instruction, and ensure emphasis on major standard clusters at each grade level. Additionally, students are provided guided notes and visual reinforcement of key vocabulary.

Elevate’s Portal and Otus work platforms offer built in accommodations to support student learning and ensure accommodations are being met. The online tools provide accommodations such as built in extended time, alteration of text sizes text to speech support and recorded lessons. Students can also utilize the live instructor and Classroom Coach for additional support as needed.

Ahead of programming, an inclusive Learning Coordinator will collect students’ needs for each program roster. This Elevate team member empowers the teaching team with the details teachers need to tailor instruction for each student from day 1, including accommodations, modifications, behavior intervention plans, paraprofessional support, and physical needs.

Elevate’s Inclusive Learning Coordinator’s primary role is to ensure the success of each student in our Special Ed LIVE Teaching Classrooms. In addition to virtual observations of teaching and learning, the Inclusive Learning Coordinator will review and share data with on-site school leaders 2X per month. Data includes formative and summative assessments, attendance, participation, and engagement information. Through increased collaboration and regularly scheduled meetings, students’ progress will be monitored throughout.

Elevate’s certified Special Education teachers provide high quality, live instruction that meets the instructional needs of each student. This includes collaborating with on-site students support team, providing anecdotal notes and evidence of progress, or attending IEP meetings, as needed. Our Inclusive Learning Coordinator and learning management systems provide data including student attendance, student engagement, student participation, formative, and summative assessments scores that can be used by your district-employed case manager to update student’s progress regularly.

Along with Elevate’s Inclusive Learning Coordinator, Elevate’s special education teacher can attend IEP meetings. Elevate’s teacher or Inclusive Learning Coordinator can report on student data collected throughout classroom programming.

Like a traditional paraprofessional or teacher’s assistant, the Classroom Coach will be responsible for ensuring students log-in to class on time. In a Special Ed LIVE Teaching Classroom, they are also responsible for coordinating any physical accommodation needed. Additionally, they will print any guided notes and prepare learning materials in advance of a class period. During class, Classroom Coaches may need to redirect student behavior, model engagement, and generally nurture a positive classroom community. Classroom Coaches meet at least 1x per week with the Elevate Special Education teacher to review student needs and plan for instructional support.