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Elevate K-12 is so much more than a staffing company

From the first day of class to the last day of school, Elevate ensures your students receive truly remarkable teaching. That’s the power of a true teaching partner

A certified teacher is just the beginning.

We don’t just find you a qualified teacher; we guarantee remarkable teaching for the entire school year with rigorous preparation and continuous improvement.

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Teaching & Learning

Lesson Delivery

Lessons dive into core content with a balance of direct instruction, formative activities, collaborative learning, and deliberate practice. 

Learning is facilitated by our LIVE Portal tools such as polls, class chat, private chat, verbal prompts, interactive whiteboard, and screenshare. 

LIVE lessons feel just like a typical class— the teacher asks questions, students raise their hands and learn with their peers.

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Students complete two graded formative assessments per week. Insights from formative assessments along with our daily knowledge checks are used by teachers to inform reteaching and enrichment opportunities. 

Summative assessments occur at the end of a unit through unit tests and presentations. 

The frequency of assessments can be customized to meet a district’s needs.

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Checks for Understanding

Teachers frequently check for understanding using our QZs –brief quizzes that are incorporated throughout lessons.  

QZs keep students engaged and give teachers a pulse on class performance. Based on the results, teachers adjust pacing to ensure lessons are meeting students’ actual needs.

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Daily Routine

Elevate classes provide structured routines so students know what to expect. Every class begins with the teacher greeting each student by name with a daily Welcome Board and agenda.  

Students complete a Do Now to get warmed up and engaged by connecting to the unit content and real-world hooks for relevancy. From there, the day’s focus begins. 

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Classroom Community

Even though they’re not physically together in a classroom, students form meaningful relationships with their teachers.

We only hire experienced teachers who love teaching. Then we give them training and continuous coaching to ensure they know how to remotely engage and connect with students.

Finally, our learning technology enables students to interact with LIVE teachers and peers authentically. 

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See learning come alive

Still curious what a LIVE class actually looks like? Witness remarkable teaching in action!

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Watch class
Right away, you hear the teacher interacting with the kids: they’re upbeat, engaging with students, calling out their names, and giving them activities to get up and move around. Even though the teacher is virtual, they’re still building relationships with the kids.
Natalie Priwer
Associate Principal of Curriculum Instruction
Willis ISD, Texas
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Planning & Preparation

We take care of finding and training the best-fit teachers so they can deliver remarkable teaching from day one onwards. 

Hiring Process

We don’t just hire any certified teacher – the teachers we selectively hire must meet our high standards, including passing rigorous interviews with a mock LIVE lesson. And they must LOVE to teach! 

The result? Fully vetted teachers who meet our high standards for teaching Elevate LIVE classes. 

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Training & Onboarding

Once a teacher passes our hiring bar, we provide over 5 hours of onboarding and training. Teachers must score 80% or higher on their final exam to become eligible to teach. 

At this point, teachers are paired with an Elevate Induction Coach and Academic Coach who will continue to monitor their performance and development. 

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Teacher Matching

We work directly with districts to identify the classes, grade levels, and bell schedules needed across schools. On top of that, we’ll work to understand what qualities best meet students’ needs.

Then we match those specific needs to teachers who meet the identified specifications.

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Pre-LIVE Prep

Once a teacher is matched with classes, we assign them an Academic Coach and kick off “Pre-LIVE Prep.” Our Academic Coach trains on the teaching rubric, pathways, goal setting, and backward planning. 

Before the first day of class, the LIVE teacher designs welcome boards, reviews class slides and materials, creates Classroom Engagement Plans, and gets familiar with the classroom routine and norms.  

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Meet our live teachers

With 13 years of teaching experience on average, our teachers are passionate, dedicated educators who are truly remarkable.

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Discover why
When you see the teachers as they’re teaching the kids, they seem so excited to be doing the work. Then I saw how the students were engaged and thought, Wow this actually does work.’ It’s not just solving a vacancy problem; it’s getting a top-notch teacher who’s going to motivate students and prepare them for the future.
Javier Villarreal
Chief of Schools
Aldine Independent School District, Texas
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Feedback & Development

Performance Dashboard

Our Elevate LIVE Portal collects data down to the program and class level. We use this data to measure teacher effectiveness, inform our coaching, and track progress toward district-specific goals. 

Our teachers monitor student performance and adjust pacing through backwards planning using actual student comprehension data. 


Instructional Coaching

We provide year-round Instructional Coaching grounded in the research-based model from Instructional Coaching Group by Jim Knight.  

All teachers have development goals to foster high-quality instruction using our teacher rubric based on the Charlotte Danielson Framework, with regular meetings to monitor progress through coaching cycles. 

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Professional Learning

We offer professional learning pathways that are regular sessions with other teachers, often in the same subject area or district. To drive positive student outcomes for each teacher, the pathways are tailored to student and program needs.

Teachers work with their peers, Academic Coaches, and instructional leaders for continuous improvement in their craft and practice.

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Ratings & Feedback

Teachers are observed and rated by Elevate’s Quality Assurance Team both virtually and in-person.  

By combining these findings with student performance data and surveyed feedback from students and Classroom Coaches, we can provide feedback and professional development that helps teachers meet district expectations and goals.

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Virtual Learning Walks

Teachers who want additional development and support can participate in virtual learning walks with our LIVE Mentor Teachers. During these sessions, teachers can observe the strategies and tools used by our most tenured LIVE instructors. 

Our virtual learning walks are a key pillar in our vibrant LIVE teaching community. Through them, LIVE teachers can collaborate, share inspiration, and feel empowered by their peers.


Virtual Walk
Elevate has a pulse on everything happening in the classroom. I’m confident that I don’t have to worry because I get data that shows how well things are going. We have increased math testing scores, and our special ed kids are doing exceptionally. This isn’t just a viable option, it’s a valuable option for our students and can be for your students as well!
Jean Heil
Assistant Principal
Carrollton Community Unit School District #1, Illinois

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