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Welcome to Elevate K-12 Live Classroom.

When you can’t find an in-person teacher, Elevate LIVE brings the teacher to you.

Nothing can replace a real teacher in a classroom, but we’re close. Our certified teachers, curriculum and technology brings your classrooms to life.

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The world is changing, and so is the classroom.

Rather than finding a non-certified substitute, reverting back to asynchronous learnings, or canceling the class altogether, go new school with live teaching. This is how we transform the classroom.

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Our certified teachers LIVE-stream to your classroom.

What makes our teachers great is that they care and they have the tools to make the classroom fun and engaging.

Our technology replicates many of the features of face to face teaching, this allows for fluid interaction between student and teacher.

Your school’s paraprofessional support the classroom.

While our teacher is live streaming a lesson to the class, our technology allows the paraprofessional to support the teacher, while supervising and supporting the students in the classroom.

We’ve built tools into our software that empower your paraprofessionals to work more like ninjas in the classroom, making their job easier and more successful, too.

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It’s like every other classroom, except it’s LIVE.

When students head into a live classroom, they’ll feel like it’s a regular school day. Teachers asking questions, students raising their hands, all made possible by our technology and our teachers.

Elevate Live teaching was built to act, look, feel, and sound like every other classroom.

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Curricula and lesson plans are built by our curriculum experts, aligned to state and national standards, and customizable to fit the scope of each district.

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Improves outcomes

Elevate platforms are equipped with interactive and engaging tools that incorporate social and emotional learning into the class setting to improve student outcomes.

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I do. We do. You do.

Teachers demonstrate a lesson or activity, students and teachers work through it together, and then students take on the lesson on their own.

When you can’t find a certified teacher for your classroom, let us help you. All you have to do is find a paraprofessional.