live Online Teaching Jobs for Certified Teachers

Live the way you love.

Live teaching on your own part-time schedule. Choose the hours (up to 25 per week) and subjects you want to teach, and teach from home or anywhere life takes you.

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I love that Elevate allows me to teach students across the country. The interactive portal makes it easy and fun to connect with each student in the classroom for class discussions, problem solving, and answering questions.

Rebecca H.

Set your own hours during the school day, between 5-25 hours per week.

Teach kids for a full year and and make meaningful connections.

Gain access to professional development and a community of teachers.

Focus on your craft of teaching, we write the lesson plans for you.

Moved, or want to? Work from anywhere.

Ditch the commute and swap your dress shoes for slippers!

Teach live, and live life on your own terms.

Teach from home during the day and choose your own hours from 8 to 5. Skip the commute and the endless hours of writing lesson plans.

Join more than 1,000 certified teachers from across the country who are providing live-streamed, high-quality instruction to schools.

Apply to our open live teaching positions.


Who’s an Elevate teacher?

Live your retirement dream. Continue making a difference in kids’ lives.

If you’ve taken a step out of the classroom but still miss your students, Live Teaching with Elevate is perfect for you. Live Teaching offers the flexibility to ease into retired life while still living out your passion for teaching and forming connections with students. Teach as few as five hours a week right from your own home, and build your instruction schedule in the way that suits your retirement best!

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I have taught on numerous online teaching platforms and I must say, I absolutely love working at Elevate. The camaraderie is superb and I truly believe upper-management have a healthy-respect for their teachers, which aids in fostering a wonderful teaching environment!

Tracey S.

Daria Mamont

Elevate K-12 makes it possible for me to continue my teaching career even after moving to Europe. The supportive coaches at Elevate ensure I never feel isolated and their guidance is both validating and valuable.

Susan L.

Live like a globetrotter while earning an income.

Keep up with the nomad lifestyle by choosing your own hours and teaching from anywhere! With the freedom to teach via live stream part-time, you can really take control of your work-life relationship and see the world and your students, all on your own schedule.

Military Spouse

Living the life of a military spouse?

Elevate K-12 is proud to partner with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) to help connect military spouses with employment opportunities.

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Elevate changed my life for the best. I finally feel appreciated and valued as a teacher!

Wendy F.

Teacher 19

I love that Elevate K-12 enables me to continue doing what I’m passionate about remotely which is sparking a lifelong love of science for my students. Even though I have never met my students and colleagues in person, we’ve established connections that are as authentic as those created within in-person learning.

Tamara M.

Live out your passion for teaching, with flexible hours.   

Teaching with Elevate gives stay-at-home parents and caregivers the flexibility to instruct and accompany students while also being present with a family at home. With the ability to create your own part-time schedule, you can live out your passion for teaching and also ensure you’re around for all of life’s little moments.