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Live Online Teaching Jobs for Certified Teachers

Join our network of teachers who are teaching across the United States!

Fall in love with teaching again, and teach on your terms!

Joining Elevate K-12’s teaching network is helping teachers to teach on their terms! We strip away many of the excess burdens that teachers typically shoulder and provide you with award-winning curriculum, a supportive team, and a tech platform that enables you to teach from anywhere. The result? More time and energy spent making meaningful connections with students in a Live classroom!

Every Elevate teacher receives

  • a supportive team
  • research-backed curriculum
  • a user-friendly tech platform
  • choice over which classes they teach
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Teaching with Elevate empowers you to:

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Choose classes that fit your schedule

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Choose how much (or little) you work.
Elevate teachers work 20 hours per week on average

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Spend fewer hours on administrative work

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Work from anywhere life takes you

Elevate K-12: designed for teachers who love teaching.

Elevate K-12 is designed for teachers who love teaching in a classroom without the extra burdens of a traditional teaching job. You might be an Elevate teacher if you:

  • Are a US state-certified teacher
  • Want to work part-time hours on a flexible schedule
  • Can engage with students LIVE through our proprietary platform
  • Love teaching!
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This experience has enabled me to homeschool my children and still use my education as a teacher for a decently paid side income.


Elevate Teacher

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I absolutely enjoy working at Elevate K-12 because they have given me the opportunity to continue teaching (my passion!) after retiring from the field. I appreciate the opportunity to work from home, choose my working hours, and having a wonderful Academic Coach. Working at Elevate K-12 provides my family with much needed supplemental income.


Elevate teacher

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I love working for Elevate. I have connected with my students as much or more than in a brick and mortar, but I have time for my family and graduate school.


Elevate Teacher

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Elevate K12 was the perfect opportunity for me to use my teaching degree while having the traveling life we do. Being able to work from home and set my own hours is invaluable. I also love that I connect with my students unlike most other online teaching programs/schools.


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How to Become an Elevate Teacher

Step 1

Chat with Ellie in the corner to submit your resume and teaching certification

Step 2

Attend a LIVE teaching assessment

Step 3

Sign a contract to join the Elevate Teacher Network

Step 4

Complete onboarding and training

Step 5

Select classes that match your schedule and certification

Step 6

Teach! Using our curriculum and built-for-K-12 technology

Join our teacher network today and take control of your life
while making a difference in the lives
of students across the country.

Apply to our open live teaching positions.



    Elevate K-12 is an Ed Tech company based out of Chicago. Our mission is to make high-quality instruction available to all students regardless of zip code.

    All teaching is live and synchronous. The students are in a brick and mortar classroom setting and our teacher is live-streamed on a big screen at the front of the classroom. Students are also able to see their teacher on their own individual device.

    Students are in regular school buildings throughout the US and we have programs in over 30 states from coast to coast.

    The classroom coach is a paraprofessional/teaching assistant. They are with your students in person throughout the entire class period. Think of the classroom coach as your right hand – they help students with technology issues, class transitions, passing out handouts.

    We cannot hire teachers with expired licenses for our certified teaching positions.

    At this time, all of our teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree from the United States and US teaching certificate.

    We require eligibility to work in the United States (i.e., US work authorization), but you do not have to be physically in the United States as long as you have a US bank account and a US address and phone number for payroll/tax purposes.

    NO! As long as you have an area that is quiet and professional you are free to teach from wherever. We want our teachers to have the flexibility to continue to live their life and not be tied to a physical classroom.

    At this time, all of our positions are contractor positions. We request that you are available for a 3+ block during school hours between 8am-4pm EST consistently Monday-Friday.

    At this time, there is no limit to the number of hours you work for us. We request that you are available for a 3+ block between 8am-4pm EST consistently Monday-Friday. We cannot guarantee any amount of hours.

    At this time, all of our positions are during regular school hours between 8am-4pm EST.

    Most of our programs follow the traditional school year calendar (August-May) and are for the entire school year, however, we do partner with some schools that need our help during the middle of the school year. We do not offer summer-only positions. During the summer we offer professional development opportunities!

    At this time, all of our virtual teaching positions are part-time as 1099 independent contractors, where we do not take out taxes. You will need to file your own taxes at the end of the year.

    At this time, all of our virtual teaching positions are as part-time 1099 independent contractors, and they do not include benefits such as insurance.

    The Live Assessment is an opportunity to meet with an Onboarding Coordinator (OC) to complete a “mock lesson.” Your OC will provide you with a short content specific lesson on slides and during your meeting you will be teaching them the lesson as they role play the part of the students.

    If hired, you will be sent a welcome email from an Onboarding Coordinator with information on completing your paid onboarding courses. Your Onboarding Coordinator will support you through the process to prepare you for your first day of teaching and will be available as you start teaching as well. Depending on the need, you may be offered a program as you complete your onboarding, or you may need to wait until a program becomes available that meets your content and certification.

    We have our own curriculum department which creates all lessons so you have limited lesson planning. As a teacher, you will review the lesson for the day to be familiar with the material and decide which student engagement strategies you will use in your instruction of the content. Most student work is auto-graded and grading is minimal. Some content areas may require some more grading than others. You will receive information on grading requirements based on your program assignment.

    We are committed to offering our Elevate Teachers multiple opportunities for growth and development along with a sense of belonging to a strong community. Some of our prior professional development topics have included: using assessment data, student engagement strategies, and social emotional learning.