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Elevate K-12 Fosters Growth, Ambition, and Creativity for Employees Every Day

February 24, 2022

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Walking into the Elevate offices, you’ll see plenty of smiling faces, an eclectic crew of people greeting one another, and feel an energy that is vibrant and buzzing. One thing is abundantly clear—Elevate fosters personal career development and growth for every employee, and we strive to prepare people to achieve their goals and aspirations.

So we asked our Elevaters to answer a simple question: what’s your favorite part about working for Elevate K-12? Their answers remind us all why we do what we do! Check out some of our favorites below:

Patrick H., Sales
“The level of ambition in everyone who works here is contagious. Everybody is working in tandem towards the same goal. We truly believe the sky’s the limit, and we truly believe in each other to get there.”

Heather S., Talent Development
“The cross-functional interactions and partnerships I have experienced are supportive, engaging, instructional, effective, and most of all FUN! I appreciate the dialogue I have been able to experience at Elevate–truly genuine people that care about others’ successes!”

Carolyn L., Academics
“We’re building the plane while it’s flying, and there’s no better crew to do that with than the Ops team!”

Shelley J., Operations
“The best part of working for Elevate K-12 is the people! I’m honestly excited to get up and get to work every day, and it’s all about the smart, driven people I work with and the mission we serve – to help kids around the country get the quality education they deserve.”

Isabel M., Marketing
“Working from home four out of five days is the best!”

Marty B., Sales
“The best part is that at the end of the day, we are working with schools and their leadership to help positively shape the educational experience and lives of their students.”

Tiphanie M., Marketing
“Elevate allows me to push my creativity to the next level while also giving me genuine autonomy to do so. I feel grateful to have found a job I truly love and am inspired every day by our company’s mission to change the lives of students and teachers!”

Katie J., Talent Acquisition
“At Elevate, we’re creating jobs for people that thought they couldn’t be a part of the workforce anymore.”

Rebecca B., Academics
“The best part about working at Elevate is the company culture! They are open to hearing new ideas from teachers and implementing them to support teachers and students.”

Darcy P., Talent Acquisition
“I love working at a company where I can learn so much and genuinely look up to my workers. Everyone has such a great work ethic and is genuinely passionate about helping students.”

Maggie S., Marketing
“Elevate is growing so fast! It’s so invigorating to be a part of a team where we’re constantly moving and shaking, we get so much facetime with our leadership, and everyone empowers each other to do and be our best and to grow in our own professional goals.”

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