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Elevate K-12 Partners Dougherty Co. Schools to Bridge Teacher Gap

March 19, 2021

Elevate K12 Technology In Classroom

Elevate K-12 Founder/CEO Shaily Baranwal spoke with WALB on Elevate K-12’s partnership with Dougherty County and how it is helping the district bridge the teacher shortage gap.

Shaily Baranwal, Founder/CEO of Elevate K-12, spoke with WALB on how Elevate K-12 is providing live instruction to students across the country that don’t have access to teachers in their zip code. One of those districts, Dougherty County in Georgia, was struggling with teacher vacancies year after year before Elevate K-12. They started as the first district to use Elevate K-12 and are now one of many across the county implementing this into their human capital strategy each year.

“Elevate K-12 has been a valued partner with the Dougherty County School System for several years now. Even before the pandemic, we used their services to provide high-quality instruction from certified teachers to students where we had teacher vacancies. By doing so, we avoided having to use long-term substitute teachers and instead, improved the overall quality of instruction for our students.” said a Dougherty County School Representative.

In addition to filling the vacancies Shaily Baranwal speaks about how Dougherty County is able to offer classes like Computer Science, that would not be available without access to teachers outside their zip code.

Watch the entire video on WALB here.

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