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FOX32: How Elevate K-12 is Linking Teachers With Classrooms

December 3, 2020

Middle School Live Teaching

Shaily Baranwal, founder and CEO of Elevate K-12, talks about how they’re helping school districts across the country fill teacher shortages through livestream instruction.

Shaily Baranwal, CEO of Elevate K-12, spoke to FOX 32 Chicago regarding their solution to the teacher shortage crisis by providing live-streaming instruction with top teachers from across the country. Elevate K-12 is focused on low income and rural areas that struggle to attract and sustain teaching talent. Outside of those areas, the company helps school districts that have teacher vacancies or are looking to expand their course offerings.

“When I first started the company, it was surprising to me that students were not receiving quality teaching just because there wasn’t a teacher in their zip code,” Baranwal said. “So the idea was, how do you leverage technology and live stream a high-quality teacher from another zip code in an engaging and beneficial way for the students to learn.”

Baranwal also described that while other virtual learning methods struggle, Elevate K-12’s experience of 6 millions hours of live teaching led to the Elevate Live platform being built specifically for K-12 education.

Watch the entire video on FOX 32 Chicago here.

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