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How We Provide Teaching Jobs Regardless of Where You Live

February 21, 2021

An Elevate K12 Live Teacher

The live-stream, high-quality instruction brand is hiring engaging teachers to teach K-12 classrooms in schools across the country.

For America’s 58 million K-12 students, a shortage of quality teachers within a school’s zip code is a critical barrier, and Elevate K-12 is solving that crisis.

As school districts struggle to find certified teachers to fill all content areas in every classroom, Elevate K-12 is offering high-quality teachers the opportunity to teach from anywhere and everywhere. By eliminating zip code barriers, the top-notch education brand is able to bring passionate, engaging teachers who make learning fun, to classrooms across the country through the brand’s unique Elevate Live® Technology, built specifically to engage and empower K-12 students.

Elevate Live® not only transforms traditional classrooms into cutting-edge live-stream instruction classrooms, but it also provides more than 1,000 teachers with all the tools they need to conduct vibrant and impactful live teaching lessons and engage personally and directly with students. The lessons for all courses are built and integrated into the Elevate Live® platform which means that teachers do not need to produce their own lessons.

Elevate K-12 has been a boon for teachers. Teaching job opportunities are no longer limited to the schools within their area, and now teachers are able to build more flexible schedules that don’t necessarily require commitment to a full school day five days a week.

Most of the other online teaching jobs are usually tutoring jobs where an online teacher teaches ad hoc classes outside of school hours. With Elevate K-12, teachers teach live online classes for an entire semester or school year, streaming into a K-12 U.S. school during school hours.

“Many of the best instructors have kids of their own and don’t want to commit to more than a few hours of work per day, especially if many of those hours are spent between class periods on things that aren’t actually teaching,” Baranwal said. “With Elevate, those teachers can commit to just a few periods per day and focus exclusively on live teaching and empowering student engagement.”

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