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‘I can’t see going back to traditional teaching’

April 5, 2021

Georgia Livestream School Teacher

Minooka resident teaches students in Georgia through a livestream program – and prefers it to in-classroom teaching.

Candace Bui-Walston, a live teacher for Elevate K-12, in Minooka, Illinois spoke with The Herald News on how she is providing live instruction to students across the country in Georgia. Elevate K-12, a live streaming instruction company, provides high-quality live certified teachers to school districts regardless of zip code. Candace discussed how she transitioned from the classroom to Elevate K-12 before the pandemic and hasn’t looked back since.

“I actually really, really enjoy it,” Bui-Walston says. “I can’t see going back to traditional teaching,” Bui-Walston said. “This fits my lifestyle much better.”

In addition to the Georgia school getting a qualified Math teacher, Candace Bui-Walston is getting the opportunity to spend more time with her family. Bui-Walston would be out of the house by 5 am and would not return until after 7 pm, but with Elevate K-12 her last class ends at 2 pm, and then she can spend time with her children and family.

Read the full story on The Herald News here.

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