Elevate K-12 Launches Live Streaming Instruction in INDIANA, Solving its K-12 Teacher Shortage Crisis | 4/15/2021

The instruction-technology company provides high quality live teaching to K-12 schools, ensuring students don’t suffer from the teacher shortage crisis because of their zip code and where they live in Indiana.

‘I can’t see going back to traditional teaching’ | 4/5/2021

Minooka resident teaches students in Georgia through a livestream program - and prefers it to in-classroom teaching.

Elevate K-12 partners with Dougherty Co. Schools to bridge the teacher shortage gap | 3/19/2021

Elevate K-12 Founder/CEO Shaily Baranwal spoke with WALB on Elevate K-12's partnership with Dougherty County and how it is helping the district bridge the teacher shortage gap.

Montana teacher virtually teaches in South Carolina | 3/9/2021

She loves having an influence on these students from all the way across the country and she's happy they get to have a true English teacher rather than just substitutes.

Georgia gets virtual help from Illinois to fight teacher shortage | 3/4/2021

The live-stream, high-quality instruction company Elevate K-12 partners with districts and schools in Georgia to ensure teacher shortages do not affect student learning.

Leadership Strategies to Overcome Gender Inequity in the Workplace | 2/25/2021

Chicago companies Elevate K-12 and Caterpillar are looking to address gender disparities in the workplace head on, through mentorship initiatives, employee resource group programs, and hiring practices.

How Elevate K-12 Is Providing Teachers With Teaching Opportunities Regardless of Where They Live | 2/16/2021

The live-stream, high-quality instruction brand is hiring engaging teachers to teach K-12 classrooms in schools across the country.

Elevate K-12 Partners with University of Phoenix to Combat the Teacher-Shortage Crisis | 2/9/2021

The live-stream high-quality instruction brand will provide online student teaching opportunities to University of Phoenix students who are struggling to secure observation hours and experience amid COVID-19.

Sylvan Learning and Elevate K-12 Partner To Bring Top Quality Teaching To Students | 1/12/2021

Sylvan Learning, a leader in supplemental and enrichment education, has joined forces with Elevate K-12, the category leader in high-quality live teaching, to offer a fresh new vision for classes and finding cooperation within the teaching industry.


‘No Going Back’ From Remote and Hybrid Learning, Districts Say | 1/7/2021

Pedro Martinez, superintendent of the 49,000-student public school system in San Antonio, Texas said, "Live-streamed remote instruction is set to remain a significant part of K-12 education, long after the coronavirus pandemic is finally under control."

Chicago company hopes to make virtual learning a permanent fixture in some schools | 12/22/2020

Nault is talking about the challenge of finding local bilingual teachers for Waukegan schools. He's using 20 Elevate K-12 instructors to cover vacancies.

Former FWCS teacher trades traditional classroom for fully virtual experience amid pandemic | 12/17/2020

Throughout the pandemic, many teachers have had to adjust to teaching their classes as a virtual and in-person hybrid, but one Fort Wayne teacher has decided to forgo traditional schooling altogether in favor of going entirely virtual.

Elevate K-12: Platform designed to close teacher shortage gap find new purpose amid pandemic | 12/10/2020

An educational platform that was created to help the nation's teacher shortage is now helping schools backfill during the pandemic. Elevate K-12 offers live instruction, and some districts say it's filling in the gaps for students.

Elevate K-12 connecting teachers across the nation with classrooms in need of instruction | 12/4/2020

Shaily Baranwal, founder and COD of Elevate K-12, talks about what they're doing to help fill a teacher shortage through livestream instruction.

Online teaching company Elevate K-12 has seen number of teachers double since last year | 12/4/2020

While some teachers and school boards grapple with online learning, others are turning to it. Elevate K-12 is an online teaching company based in Chicago, IL, serving 13,000 children in more than 200 schools across the U.S.

Academic Innovation Starts By Changing How We Build K-12 Curriculum | 12/4/2020

Improving our scores in math and science is not about buying more iPads for students, or altering the standardized tests. Improvement is about making a fundamental change. And, it begins with what (and how) we educate our kids at the earliest levels.

Solving Teacher Shortage With Live Stream Instruction | 11/30/2020

Elevate K-12 CEO Shaily Baranwal discusses how she has figured out the solution to the teacher shortage as the "Peloton of education." Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Vonnie Quinn.

Considering a Career Change? These 10 Chicago Companies Are Hiring Now. | 11/2/2020

To showcase some of the new opportunities that have opened up around the city, Built In Chicago rounded up 10 companies that have weathered the storm, adapted their business strategies, and are looking to add new talent to their teams.

Elevate K-12 Announces Partnership with Achieve 3000 | 10/23/2020

Live-streaming Instruction Provider Teams Up with Leading Digital Solutions Company that Accelerates Literacy.

14 Chicago Tech Leaders on How to Galvanize Teams Around a Company Mission | 9/22/2020

The ultimate aim for any company leader is to convince every team member to believe in their company’s overarching vision — a feat that is generally easier said than done.

Infercabulary Partners With Elevate K-12 | 8/5/2020

The team at InferCabulary is excited to announce a new partnership with Elevate K-12, a synchronous, live-streaming instruction provider for K-12 schools and districts.

Elevate K-12 Partners With IXL Learning | 7/30/2020

Elevate K-12, a Chicago-based live streaming instruction provider for K-12 schools and districts, is excited to announce their partnership with IXL Learning, the leading personalized learning platform used by over 10 million students.

Elevate K-12 Partners With Carnegie Learning | 7/7/2020

Elevate K-12, a Chicago-based synchronous, live-streaming instruction provider for K-12 schools and districts, is excited to announce their partnership with Carnegie Learning, a leading provider of math, ELA, and world language blended learning solutions.

Elevate K-12 launches live streaming Computer Science classes | 2/26/2020

Elevate K-12, a leading provider of high-quality live streaming instruction to K-12 schools announces the launch of its STEM and Career Tech live classes for the next academic year.

Elevate K-12 Launches Live Quiz “THE QZ” | 1/27/2020

Elevate K-12, a leading provider of live streaming instruction to K-12 districts and schools, today announced the launch of its machine learning-driven live quizzes, QZ that are delivered during their General Education group live-stream classes. The QZ's technology captures and analyzes data in real-time and gives instructors insights on where students need additional support.

Elevate K-12 Partners With Otus | 1/13/2020

Elevate K-12, a Chicago-based live streaming instruction provider for K-12 schools and districts, partners with Otus, a Chicago-based education technology provider for K-12 school communities, to integrate benchmark assessments to their live streaming instruction classes that solve the teacher shortage problem across schools.