Elevate Special Ed Live Resource Room

It’s here… It’s Live for 2nd semester!

What is an Elevate Live Resource Room?

The magic of these live classes happens in separate, small group formats (4 to 12 students) in a classroom where students with educational challenges and disabilities receive specialized live instruction by a Certified Elevate Special Education LIVE teacher.

Elevate ensures that your special ed classes are always taught by a certified Special Ed teacher. We are here to solve that for you! The goal of this classroom is to provide additional instruction that supports students with accessing grade-level content and building foundational skills through our Elevate platform. Students will still attend their general education class but are “pulled out” for a portion of the time, or another time of the school day, to engage with the Elevate teacher.

Elevate Sped Classroom
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Students who will thrive
with Live

Students with mild to moderate disabilities who have IEPs or 504’s and are below grade level attainment. An Elevate resource classroom is made up of students at similar proficiency levels and with similar accommodation and modification needs. Students can be within a range of grades (i.e. 6-7, 9-11) as long as they are all working on the same standards/skills during the same block of time.

Elevate SPED Live Program Details


  • Small Groups of 12 or fewer students
  • Separate, inviting learning space
  • Small table clusters of 3-4 to promote peer collaboration
  • Students seated close to the Elevate camera and screen to promote sharing of work and teacher-student relationship building


  • One Elevate Special Education teacher who is state-certified delivers high-quality individualized instruction that meets the “minute” requirements outlined in the student’s IEP for that content.
  • A dedicated Elevate Instructional Support Team works with the teacher observing, coaching, and supporting overall instructional quality
  • A dedicated Elevate Inclusive Learning Coordinator works directly with the teacher, classroom coach, school leaders, and other staff as a liaison to ensure accommodations and modifications are being implemented and students are being served according to their IEPs
  • The school hires one in-person trained Classroom Coach is on the ground to support students with accommodations and modifications, in addition to any additional district-provided staff indicated in student IEPs (i.e. 1-1 support aids or paraprofessionals)


Adapted Tier 1 grade level Elevate content that supports and reinforces the key grade-level skills that are being taught in the general education classroom following the same scope and sequence continuity.


Accommodations and modifications are built into live instruction and assessments with hands-on resources provided by Elevate.

Increased Collaboration

  • Daily collaboration occurs daily between Elevate Special Education Teacher & Classroom Coach to preview content, manage physical classroom logistics, log student progress, successes, and challenges, and plan for implementation of Accommodations and Modifications to fully support students.
  • Monthly or Bi-Weekly collaboration (school preference) occurs between the school-based Case Manager and the Elevate Special Education Program Liaison to monitor overall program success and provide student progress data.

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