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Celebrating our February Teachers of the Month: 4 Exceptional LIVE Educators 

February 26, 2024

Teachers Of The Month Feb Blog

We’re thrilled to once again spotlight four remarkable LIVE teachers who help deliver remarkable LIVE teaching to students across the US. These passionate educators help support their students by creating and supporting quality learning experiences and supportive learning environments.  

February’s Teachers of the Month 

Join us in celebrating their dedication to their students! 

For Creating an Engaging LIVE Classroom Culture & Climate… 

These teachers excel in curating an exceptional virtual learning environment by prioritizing classroom procedures and student behavior. Through their dedication, they foster a safe, thriving space that ensures exceptional educational journeys with positive interactions and meaningful relationships. 

Todd LeCronier  

Teachers Of The Month February

With almost three decades of experience as an educator, Todd began his teaching journey in inner-city Saginaw, Michigan in 1995. A few years later, he moved to Katy, Texas where he continued to teach until his retirement last fall. Through Elevate, Todd can continue his passion for teaching while enjoying his retirement, spending ample time in the outdoors of Montana. 

“Todd has great classroom management skills, frequently utilizing students’ names and providing praise for engagement, encouragement, and feedback. He actively builds a relationship with students through questioning, includes the Classroom Coach, often utilizes WB tools, and encourages students’ growth.” -Shontay W., Rater 

Jeannie Milito  

Teachers Of The Month Februrary

Jeannie Milito, an ELA teacher with Elevate, brings eight years of English teaching experience to her role. She purposefully incorporates mindfulness lessons into Elevate’s curriculum, recognizing the importance of addressing each student as a complete individual with genuine learning, social, and emotional needs. Based in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Jeannie shares her home with her husband, a blended family consisting of one daughter, one son, and an impressive five cats. In addition to her role in ELA, Jeannie is a seasoned professional actor in local theater, skillfully applying her knowledge of improvisation to enhance the classroom experience. 

 “Jeannie demonstrates her unwavering professionalism in communicating effectively with all team members on a daily to weekly basis regarding student needs and program issues. She is always professional in her interactions and communication! Jeannie constantly reflects on her practice to provide her students with a quality learning experience and supportive learning environment. Through collaboration, professionalism, and reflection, Jeannie perseveres for improvement in the teaching and learning experience for all stakeholders!” -Shelly A., Academic Coach 

For Modeling Collaboration & A Growth Mindset… 

These teachers actively foster a culture of collaboration and personal growth within the educational community, emphasizing unwavering professionalism and self-driven development. Their commitment to upholding high standards inspires continuous improvement, empowering colleagues to join in this journey. 

Stephanie Gonalez 

Teachers Of The Month February

Stephanie has been an instructor for Elevate K-12 for two years. Prior to Elevate K-12, she taught for 10 years as a bilingual math instructor in New York City. Fluent in Spanish, her absolute favorite subject to teach is Geometry. With a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and a certificate in School Building Leadership, she aspires to become a principal one day. Beyond her dedication to education, Stephanie is also a passionate Zumba instructor. 

“Stephanie came to a coaching meeting this month with data she collected to help her determine how she wants to proceed with setting up her Spring Semester professional goal. She is also in the spotlight this month for creating active engagement in her classroom!” -Lisa W., Academic Coach 

Elena Tikhonova 

Teachers Of The Month February

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Elena is a seasoned French professor and a graduate of the University of Foreign Languages (European Department) with an MA in French and French literature. She has successfully implemented innovative language experiences and hands-on activities for students across the U.S., spanning from 3-year-olds to advanced-level adults. Elena’s expertise includes work with the “Write-to-Read” program in California, emphasizing reading and writing at home with parent involvement. Known for her individualized approach, she fosters unique language skills and personal development in each child. In adult settings, Elena excels in cooperative group work and literature development. Elena is eager to share her passion for teaching French through Elevate! 

“Elena treats the Classroom Coach with respect, values their opinions, and recognizes their strengths. She includes them in the delivery of the lesson as well as tasks such as address behaviors and procedures.” – Nelly B., Rater 

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