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Meet our January Teachers of the Month: 4 Remarkable LIVE Educators

January 19, 2024

Teachers Of The Month January Blog

This month we are thrilled to recognize these extra special LIVE teachers for contributing to our students, communities, and American education. These committed educators consistently surpass expectations in their devotion to students. Their resolute commitment extends beyond teaching, fostering a supportive environment where students flourish and realize their utmost potential. 

January’s Teachers of the Month

Join us in celebrating their dedication to their students! 

For Excellence in LIVE Instruction… 

This teacher is a forward-thinking educator dedicated to cultivating a dynamic learning environment in LIVE instruction. They help enhance the educational experience by fostering critical thinking, encouraging active student participation, and tailoring instruction for their students. 

Bruce Alex Riddell 

January Teacher of the Month- Bruce Alex Riddell

Bruce Alex Riddell is a knowledgeable, high-energy creative STEM Instructor. He enjoys teaching in the Life Sciences, Health Care, and Environmental fields. He formerly taught Human Anatomy & Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Nutrition, and Environmental Science. Prior to teaching, he was a pharmaceutical executive with US and International experience. Bruce and his wife reside in the Napa Valley of California. 

“Bruce is in the spotlight on my team because he knocked his fall coaching goal out of the park recently! His hard work has paid off, with wonderful participation numbers and effort from students. What is the common factor here? Relationship building. He is a scaffolding maniac in addition to supporting student learning — lifting them up by the shoelaces through his praise, ease with students, differentiation, modeling, and positive environment.” -Lisa W., Academic Coach 

For Creating an Engaging LIVE Classroom Culture & Climate… 

This teacher excels in curating an exceptional virtual learning environment by prioritizing classroom procedures and student behavior. Through their dedication, they foster a safe, thriving space that ensures exceptional educational journeys with positive interactions and meaningful relationships. 

Wendy Tatum 

January Teacher of the Month- Wendy Tatum

Wendy Tatum, with a two-year tenure as a Spanish teacher at Elevate, boasts a rich background of 20 years in public schools and 2 years in private and charter schools. She left brick and mortar to focus on her family and manage her farm. Elevate allows her to do what she loves and spend time with her 9 children and 20 animals (plus the 40 or so chickens). Wendy enjoys cooking, traveling, and continuous learning. Her journey includes living in Puerto Rico before entering the teaching profession and graduating from NC State University. 

“Wendy has worked closely with her Classroom Coach to create an outstanding classroom environment. By setting clear behavior expectations and introducing creative incentives like “choose your seat Fridays,” Wendy has inspired exemplary student behavior and participation. The environment she’s created inspires students to have strong competition rates on OTUS assignments, with 100% of students turning in a quality Spanish 1 project recently.” -Michelle B., Academic Coach

For Modeling Collaboration & A Growth Mindset… 

This teacher actively fosters a culture of collaboration and personal growth within the educational community, emphasizing unwavering professionalism and self-driven development. Their commitment to upholding high standards inspires continuous improvement, empowering colleagues to join in this journey. 

Anna Howard 

January Teacher of the Month- Anna Howard

Anna Howard, a seasoned educator with diverse experiences, finds her true calling as a 6th-12th grade ELA teacher. With over a decade of teaching in South Carolina, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Composition and Master’s Degrees in English Education, Literacy, and Literature. Currently a doctoral candidate in Linguistics, Anna is committed to advancing her expertise. Beyond academics, she enjoys baking allergy-friendly cakes for her community and tends to a suburban microfarm with her husband and daughter. 

 “Anna has developed THE BEST spreadsheet to track daily student participation – it’s the perfect way to give an unbiased and accurate participation grade and participation stars each week. Anna has shared this several times over with the other teachers I support, and even created a video on Screencastify to show teachers how to individualize the spreadsheet for their personal use. Go Anna!” -Lindsay D., Academic Coach 

For Outstanding Pedagogy, Planning, & Preparation… 

This teacher seamlessly integrates subject matter and available resources into highly engaging lessons, maximizing learning time for a dynamic and enriching educational experience. Their meticulous planning guarantees effective content delivery and relevance for all students. 

Anita Kennedy 

January Teacher of the Month- Anita Kennedy

An educator since 2008, Anita Kennedy has brought a wealth of experience to her two years of teaching for Elevate K-12. She resides on a small ranchette near Brackettville, Texas, with her husband of 38 years, Kevin. Proud parent of three children, along with 3 cats and 2 dogs, Anita finds joy in her family life. Truly honored as a Teacher of the Month at Elevate, she combines her dedication and rich experience to excel in her role. 

“Anita has excellent strategies to incorporate her Classroom Coach into lessons. The students presented hypothetical business models, complete from investment/start-up costs to consumer-facing products or services. The teacher challenged each group of students with real-world questions, and the students responded with tact and professionalism, as true entrepreneurs. Not only did Anita ask engaging and probing questions, she incorporated the Classroom Coach to do the same. It was like watching an episode of Shark Tank, with the adults as the investors and the students as the pitchers. It was a very fun lesson to watch and, I’m sure, a memorable session for the students.” -Jane B., Rater 

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