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Introducing December’s Teachers of the Month: 4 Outstanding LIVE Educators

December 8, 2023

Teachers Of The Month December Blog

It’s that time again when we shine a light on some of Elevate’s exceptional LIVE educators. These dedicated teachers consistently exceed expectations in their commitment to students. Whether it’s fostering a nurturing environment, igniting curiosity, or championing innovation in the classroom, they continually strive for student success. Their unwavering dedication goes beyond teaching; they actively cultivate a supportive atmosphere where students thrive and achieve their full potential. 

December’s Teachers of the Month

Join us in celebrating how each of these incredible LIVE teachers is going above and beyond for their students. 

For Excellence in LIVE Instruction… 

This teacher is a forward-thinking educator dedicated to cultivating a dynamic learning environment in LIVE instruction. They help enhance the educational experience by fostering critical thinking, encouraging active student participation, and tailoring instruction for their students. 

Patricia Stoudt 

Teacher Of The Month Patricia Stoudt

Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Patricia Stoudt has been dedicated to education since graduating from Wilkes University in 1980. With experience across elementary to high school levels, she’s taught ELA, music, and led various arts programs, including drama and musical theater. Retiring at 62 to care for her parents, Patricia sought a flexible teaching opportunity and found a perfect fit with Elevate K12. In her second year with the team, transitioning from brick-and-mortar to virtual teaching has been a rewarding learning curve, marking one of her best decisions. She’s not just the dedicated teacher; she’s also the proud matriarch of a bustling family with 2 sons, 7 grandchildren, 8 goats, 13 ducks, 50 chickens, 4 cats, and 3 dogs—bringing joy both in and out of the classroom. 

“Students participated in a Socratic Seminar. Patricia allowed her students to have this type of experience and interaction by doing the groundwork of creating a welcoming environment, a safe space in which to interact, a supportive co-partner relationship with her Classroom Coach.”- Joette W., Academic Coach 

For Creating an Engaging LIVE Classroom Culture & Climate… 

This teacher excels in curating an exceptional virtual learning environment by prioritizing classroom procedures and student behavior. Through their dedication, they foster a safe, thriving space that ensures exceptional educational journeys with positive interactions and meaningful relationships. 

Leslie Webb 

Teacher Of The Month Leslie Webb

Leslie Webb brings over two decades of dedication to education. For the past three rewarding years, she’s been teaching with Elevate K12. Graduating from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Leslie began her journey as a substitute teacher before pursuing her teaching credential at Chapman University. Her passion for teaching math shines through her dynamic approach, fostering an environment where students are encouraged to reach both their academic and personal milestones. 

“Excellent classroom management. Students were engaged and the lesson was student-centric with students offering explanations, helping each other, and informing when they needed additional support. Teacher was attentive and demonstrated a nurturing learning environment. A joy to watch.”- Jane B., Rater 

For Modeling Collaboration & A Growth Mindset… 

This teacher actively fosters a culture of collaboration and personal growth within the educational community, emphasizing unwavering professionalism and self-driven development. Their commitment to upholding high standards inspires continuous improvement, empowering colleagues to join in this journey. 

Shantell Harris 

Teacher Of The Month Shantell Harris

Shantell Harris brings over 12 years of teaching experience to Elevate, equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education and certifications across multiple states. Her expertise spans Integrated Science, Mathematics, and Exceptional Student Education. Shantell cultivates a culture of collaboration with her Classroom Coach and students through her vibrant energy and unwavering dedication to her classroom. On top of being a devoted mother of two, Shantell is actively pursuing her Masters in Educational Leadership.  

“Shantell works hard to include both her Classroom Coach and students collaboratively during class. Her energy is infectious! And it’s clear that the students value having her.”- Lindsay D., Academic Coach 

For Outstanding Pedagogy, Planning, & Preparation… 

This teacher seamlessly integrates subject matter and available resources into highly engaging lessons, maximizing learning time for a dynamic and enriching educational experience. Their meticulous planning guarantees effective content delivery and relevance for all students. 

Elyse Moreland

Teacher Of The Month Elyse Moreland

Elyse Moreland brings 12 years of diverse education experience, having served as a full-time teacher, paraprofessional, and substitute teacher. Her passion for the field was ignited by her mother’s teaching legacy and a compelling Michael Jordan ad she encountered in her early 20s, emphasizing ‘P.L.A.Y.’ – ‘Participate in the Lives of America’s Youth.’ Upon securing her professional teaching license in 2022, an internship introduced her to the world of online teaching, leading her to discover her calling with Elevate K-12. Through Elevate, Elyse champions the motto of ‘Inspiring Hope and Empowering All Students to Courageously Pursue their Goals and Dreams.’ Beyond her dedication to education, she finds joy in swimming, golf, poetry, art, and music. 

“Elyse Moreland is in the spotlight on my team for identifying ways to pivot strategies after looking hard at the data she was getting for her goal of helping her students develop better test taking skills.”-Lisa W., Academic Coach 

Congratulations again to all our December Teachers of the Month! 

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