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5 Best Moments at the 2022 AASPA Annual Conference

October 28, 2022

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Thank you, Orlando! It was such a pleasure for our team to meet so many administrators and school leaders at the AASPA Annual Conference in Orlando. On the flight home, our team was chatting about our favorite things that happened at the conference. We couldn’t agree on just one favorite thing. So here are our top 5 best moments of the AASPA Annual Conference.

5. Attending a Beachside Luau at Discovery Cove

Nothing says “Luau time” like live music! Musicians and dancers put on a great show while we enjoyed a feast. Luckily no one took a video of our team trying to learn the hula, but maybe if they did, we’d all be TikTok famous by now!

4. Experiencing Amazing Keynote Speakers

There was so much to learn from the keynote speakers, and our team is still talking about Daniel Shannon and his presentation on Radical Inclusivity. His insights on demonstrating self-awareness and personal courage to be authentic and make space for others to do the same were inspiring for our both professional and personal lives.

3. Kicking Off a Lunch Presentation

As a sponsor of the conference, our team had the opportunity to kick off a lunch reception on Tuesday and share our story. Talk about nervous jitters! But Brigette Smith, Senior Strategic Growth Manager, did a wonderful job showcasing how Elevate K12 is helping schools across the country navigate the teacher shortage with livestream synchronous learning.

2. Hosting Live Demos

It was such a treat to hear someone say, “tell me how this works,” and to walk them through a live demo. There were a few lightbulb moments when they realized how the Elevate K12 technology could help them address teacher shortages and gaps in their curriculum. It’s truly a joy to help schools find a solution that takes education to the next level.

1. Meeting all of YOU!

Well, we could all agree on one thing. Hands down, everyone’s favorite thing was connecting with administrators and school leaders in person. Whether it was on the tradeshow floor or at happy hour, it was really nice to chat with all of you and hear about the challenges you’re facing in the day-to-day operations of your schools.

We’d love to continue those conversations and help you find solutions to make your professional life and your school even better. If gaps in your curriculum, teacher shortages, or inconsistency with substitute teachers are causing a strain on your school, reach out to us via email at [email protected] and let us help you develop a long-term solution with Elevate K12.

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