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Elevate K-12 2021 Annual WALKATHON

April 29, 2021

Elevate K12 Walkathon

In March 2021, we had company-wide participation in our “Elevate K-12 Walkathon Challenge.” This global activity brought our U.S. and India teams together for some bonding and friendly competition. Over 21 days, fitness became an integral part of our Elevaters’ lifestyle, as they logged thousands of steps week after week. Overcoming challenges and stepping up for a competition is nothing new for our team and this was just another challenge that our Elevaters were glad to tackle.

Elevate Walkathoners

Collectively, our Elevaters covered more than 4,471 kilometers (2,778 miles) by walking 5,868,489 steps. That’s almost the entire width of the USA!

The competition was close between the US and India teams.

Indian Elevaters managed an incredible 2.9 million steps in 3 weeks, covering more than 2,212 kilometers (1,374 miles). That’s more than the distance between Delhi and Bangalore!

Elevate Walkathoners India Team

The US Elevaters just about edged the competition by 2.96 million steps and covering more than 2,256 kilometers (1,401 miles). That’s the same as walking from Chicago to Salt Lake City! Congratulations US team!

Elevate Walkathoners Usa Team

Let’s hear from some of the Elevaters who walked the most steps on how they managed to walk so much and what the walkathon meant to them.

Usa Top5
India Top5

Hardik Doshi

It was a very unique experience because I could only walk indoors. I wanted to complete the challenge to the best of my ability and had my nephew as my motivation who always backed me to do well and constantly be at the top. Also, seeing some of the other participants push for extra miles made me walk much more than I could have otherwise covered.

Sahir Gujrathi

Participating in Walkathon was indeed a wonderful experience and a good way to keep myself fit amidst lockdown. My wife joined me for these long walks, so that was a big plus.

During our initial phase of lockdown, we use to only enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge. But, now with Walkathon, it’s different!

Looking forward to more of such holistic employee engagement activities.

Anahi Gasse

Overall experience was great; it’s always nice to have a challenge. I split the majority of my walking in 2 (morning before work/evening after work) with a 6-mile per day target. Motivation levels were great! I try to walk every day in general but to accomplish this I needed to be consistent within a more formal structure. I definitely had to be more intentional than usual.

To make it more enjoyable in the mornings, I sometimes packed breakfast and tea or watched sunrises by Lake Michigan. In the evenings, I would usually walk with friends/family or have calls with people like family in Argentina. I developed a Covid tradition with my dad and stepmom to go for walks over the weekend, so on those days, I would put in more solid distances.

Honestly, it reminded me of home (Argentina) – I had to walk everywhere to get to school, extracurriculars, different people’s houses, etc (so about 4 miles a day at least) and made great memories with my friends and cousins. Since I was too young to drive and did not have a lot of spending money – my feet would take me everywhere!

S Satish

The initiative taken by the team to host an event like Walkathon, especially during the lockdown, was commendable. Kudos on that!

I always prefer to be an active person, and at times like these, it has always motivated me to get up and go for early morning walks and at least try to achieve 10k steps a day by the morning itself. I think it even added more value when the team discussed the advantages of health benefits. Walking shouldn’t stop no matter what and I would recommend everyone to do so irrespective of circumstances.

Thank you once again! Looking forward to more of such physical activities and events.

Lucy Williams

I have two active dogs who love to go on long walks, and I live on the top of an apartment building without an elevator, so it’s more of a challenge NOT getting my steps in each day. 😊

It was also really motivating to see all my team members’ daily steps, and it was fun to discuss during team meetings. I knew early on I wasn’t going to be able to beat Anahi, but I was between Kim and Cindy, so my real goal was to beat at least one of them! For better or worse my dogs still demand their daily walks so I will continue getting my steps in 🙂

Thanks for setting this competition up, it was super fun!

Vijeth Shetty

I only used to complete at most 3,000 steps in a day. Because of Walkathon, I could push myself to complete more steps than I thought I could. Thank you for starting this. Hope to compete in more such challenges. Cheers!

Thank you to every single Elevater who participated in the Walkathon! Keep walking, keep fighting through each challenge, and stay tuned for the next competition!

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