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Celebrating Our November Teachers of the Month: 4 Exceptional LIVE Educators 

November 8, 2023

Elevate's November Teachers of the Month

Each month, we proudly spotlight Elevate’s exceptional LIVE educators who surpass expectations in their commitment to students. These passionate teachers bring expertise, enthusiasm, and innovative teaching methods to craft engaging, effective classes. They prioritize both student well-being and academic growth, cultivating an environment that inspires learning. Their unwavering dedication sets the benchmark for our mission to support student success, ensuring that education isn’t solely about lessons but also about fostering student happiness and achievement.  

November’s Teachers of the Month

Explore how these incredible LIVE teachers are revolutionizing education and empowering student growth. 

For Excellence in LIVE Instruction… 

This teacher is a forward-thinking educator dedicated to cultivating a dynamic learning environment in LIVE instruction. They help enhance the educational experience by fostering critical thinking, encouraging active student participation, and tailoring instruction for their students. 

Jennifer Guzel

Teacher Of The Month Oct Jg

Jennifer Guzel loves working with her students, classroom coaches, and fellow teachers. She began her teaching career in Liberia, where she taught high school math as a Peace Corps volunteer. Most of her career prior to joining Elevate was in a traditional brick and mortar school setting, with her most recent experience being at a local community college in the GED program. Over the duration of her career, Jennifer has gone from when a four-function calculator was considered high tech to LIVE teaching for Elevate. Now as a LIVE Algebra II teacher at Southwest High School, Jennifer helps champion her students so they can thrive. 

“Jennifer encourages her students to take ownership of their learning and also champions other teachers and offers to help them succeed.”- Lindsay D., Academic Coach 

For Creating an Engaging LIVE Classroom Culture & Climate… 

This teacher excels in curating an exceptional virtual learning environment by prioritizing classroom procedures and student behavior. Through their dedication, they foster a safe, thriving space that ensures exceptional educational journeys with positive interactions and meaningful relationships. 

Jean Podborny

Teacher Of The Month Oct Jp

Jean Podborny has been a devoted LIVE teacher with Elevate for over two years. As the Physical Science teacher at Glidden-Ralston High School, she embraces her role with a passion for continuous learning in her online classes. Jean draws from a rich background as a retired science teacher and administrator from New Mexico, with vast experience in both public and private schools. Her career includes leadership roles as a principal of a charter school and High School Curriculum Assistant Principal in Albuquerque Public Schools. Beyond education, she enjoys teaching part-time with Elevate while savoring time with her pets and indulging in outdoor activities. 

 “Jean is teaching in a very fast paced program. She is able to stay right on pace while allowing for multiple CFUs (‘Checks for understanding’) to inform instruction and adjustments in order to maximize student learning.”- Kendra L., Instructional Specialist 

For Modeling Collaboration & A Growth Mindset… 

This teacher actively fosters a culture of collaboration and personal growth within the educational community, emphasizing unwavering professionalism and self-driven development. Their commitment to upholding high standards inspires continuous improvement, empowering colleagues to join in this journey. 

Andrei Safontchik 

Teacher Of The Month Oct As

With a lifelong passion for mathematics, Andrei Safontchik discovered his calling in teaching while in high school. As a LIVE Algebra II teacher at Kankakee High School, he cherishes the opportunity to connect with students and share his enthusiasm for the subject. He finds great joy in helping students understand the significance of mathematics in various life experiences. After over three years in traditional brick and mortar schools, the transition to LIVE teaching allowed Andrei to relocate to Ireland while continuing to pursue his passion for education. 

“His proactive approach to professional growth is inspiring! He not only graduated from the beginner-level learning pathway at Elevate, but immediately started working on the next pathway… all this on top of a cute little baby at home!”- Lisa W., Academic Coach 

For Outstanding Pedagogy, Planning, & Preparation… 

This teacher seamlessly integrates subject matter and available resources into highly engaging lessons, maximizing learning time for a dynamic and enriching educational experience. Their meticulous planning guarantees effective content delivery and relevance for all students. 

Lucia El Andaloussi 

Teacher Of The Month Oct Lea

Lucia El Andaloussi is a seasoned educator teaching Spanish at Waterloo Middle School. She boasts a diverse teaching background encompassing various grade levels in general education, bilingual education, ESL, dual language, and Spanish. A University of Houston alumna, she holds a major in Communications and Engineering Technology. Lucia excels in maximizing class time and fostering a positive virtual classroom environment. Her seamless collaboration with Classroom Coaches and students ensures a rich and welcoming learning experience for all. 

“Lucia is a master at making the most of class time and creating a positive virtual classroom environment. She works seamlessly with her Classroom Coach and students to provide a welcoming and rich learning experience for all!”- Karen A., Academic Coach 

Congratulations again to all our November Teachers of the Month! 

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