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Our Official “Teach with Elevate” Glossary

April 7, 2022

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At Elevate, we’re growing so fast, and with that growth comes an abundance of opportunities! Being a thriving EdTech company, we are proud to support many teachers who pivot to our livestream teaching model.

But what other roles are available for former teachers at Elevate? We sat down with our teaching team for the lowdown on the different remote roles available for our incredible teachers here at Elevate and compiled them into one place for you to browse. Here is our Elevate Teaching Glossary:

Elevate Live Teacher

The Elevate teacher is live streamed right into our students’ classrooms, where they are all physically present! For cases where the students or classes are distance learning or learning from home, our Elevate Live Teacher gives the day’s lesson synchronously through our virtual classroom portal. The teacher uses the provided tools and lessons to teach the students. While teachers are given the tools and lessons, they can use their unique teaching skills to deliver the material! The teacher is supported by a Classroom Coach in the brick & mortar classroom with the students.

Academic Coach

The AC supports the teacher with content help, pacing, and coaching. Typically, a teacher has one Academic Coach who supports them across their Elevate classes.

Induction Coach

This role supports the teacher through the onboarding process at Elevate and the first month of being on a program. They help our teachers by answering any initial questions and giving them the tools, resources, and assistance to help them feel confident and successful when they start teaching with us.

Rater Specialist

The Rater Specialists use the teacher rubric and rating system to observe classes. They use and collect data to inform coaching and professional learning.

Program Liaison

Our Program Liaisons support teachers at the program level with communication and logistics. They ensure teachers receive any program essentials and details from the school.

Content Advisor

The Content Advisor role supports and oversees the Content Writers, Editors, and Proofreaders. They are responsible for creating the overall Curriculum Map and project plans for our Elevate courses and providing the information to our Writers and Editors.

Content Writer

Elevate’s Content Writers are subject matter experts who write new lessons and assessments for our latest courses. They write all of our content from scratch!

Content Proofreader

The Content Proofreader role reviews and corrects content (grammar, spelling, formatting) for our new Elevate courses. Their work is the next step after our Writers and Advisors develop the curriculum content.

Interested in one of these opportunities? Reach out to [email protected] with any specific questions! We’re eager and excited to help you find your home here at Elevate.

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