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Bloomberg: How Elevate K-12 is Solving the Teacher Shortage with Live Stream Instruction

November 29, 2020

Live Instruction

Elevate K-12 CEO Shaily Baranwal discusses how she has figured out the solution to the teacher shortage by creating the “Peloton of Education.”

Elevate K-12 CEO Shaily Baranwal spoke with Paul Sweeney and Vonnie Quinn, on Bloomberg Radio about how the “Peloton of Education” is helping solve the teacher shortage. Baranwal specifically spoke on Elevate K-12’s certified live teachers, who are streamed live into classrooms in rural and low income areas that cannot attract the necessary teaching talent.

“The supply of teachers may be slightly higher across the county, but where it breaks is the geographic arbitrage,” Shaily told Bloomberg. “In Dougherty County, GA sometimes it’s impossible for them to find a Spanish teacher or a Calculus teacher, but there’s a high supply of those teachers in San Francisco.”

Baranwal went on to explain that virtual live-streaming education can be equally as effective as in person, if done right. Over the past several years, Elevate K-12 has honed in on what makes real live teaching impactful and translated that to their platform.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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