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Nearly a Third of Teachers Plan to Quit. Are Schools Ready?

June 28, 2021

Teachers Plan To Quit

As the teacher-shortage crisis worsens, live-streaming education company Elevate K-12 is helping schools find high-quality educators for every classroom. The leader in instruction technology added 61 new districts in the 2021 fiscal year.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a profound strain on our nation’s teachers. Now, nearly a third of all teachers say they are considering quitting their jobs. Elevate K-12, the leading provider of live-streaming instruction technology, is offering a powerful solution for school districts across the country.

According to a new report conducted by Horace Mann Educators Corporation and published by CNBC, nearly 80% of educators are working more today than they were a year ago; 60% say they enjoy their jobs less; 59% do not feel secure with their district’s health and safety precautions; and 27% say they are considering quitting, retiring, or taking a leave of absence.

This is a dire emergency.

For years, Elevate K-12 has been working on a solution to the teacher shortage crisis that began well before the pandemic but accelerated dramatically in the past year. As schools prepare to reopen in the fall, the company is helping districts fill vacancies with high-quality educators through live-stream instruction technology.

“Teacher shortages have long been one of the biggest threats facing schools across the country, and Elevate K-12 has been hard at work at a solution since well before the pandemic,” explained Shaily Baranwal, Elevate K-12’s CEO. “Fortunately, we have rolled out an extremely effective platform to bring the best teachers to schools across the country just as the crisis threatens to get even worse.”

How the Teacher Shortage Is Affecting Schools and Students

While the breadth of the teacher shortage dilemma differs by state and district, it’s an insidious problem that’s hurt both educators and students across the country, resulting in overstuffed classrooms, overworked teachers, and barebones educational programming.

A lack of sufficiently qualified teachers threatens students’ ability to learn, negatively affects student achievement, and diminishes existing teacher effectiveness, according to a study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute prior to the pandemic.

Part of the problem can be attributed to low pay and inadequate school funding, resulting in disruptive teacher strikes in school districts across the country, as teachers have attempted to combat what amounts to quality of life issues.

It’s become a PR issue too. According to recent data from ACT and the Department of Education, fewer high school graduates are interested in pursuing education majors and fewer college students are pursuing teaching careers.

How Elevate K-12 Is Solving the Teacher Shortage Crisis

By bringing passionate, engaging teachers who make learning fun to classrooms across the country through the brand’s unique Elevate Live® Technology, Elevate K-12 is able to engage and empower students while providing schools with an immediate solution to an increasingly shrinking teacher workforce.

Elevate Live® not only transforms traditional classrooms into a cutting-edge livestream instruction platform, it also provides teachers with the tools they need to conduct vibrant and impactful live teaching lessons and engage personally and directly with students. The lessons for all courses are built and integrated into the Elevate Live® platform, which means teachers do not need to produce their own lessons.

Unlike traditional schools, which are limited to finding accredited teachers in their area, Elevate K-12 is able to attract a large pool of high-quality teachers who are interested in the online learning brand’s flexible schedules, time-saving technology, and the ability to work from anywhere.

While most online teaching jobs are often supplemental tutoring positions designed to review and support current school curriculum, Elevate K-12 teachers are able to teach live online classes for an entire semester or school year, streaming directly into a K-12 U.S. school during school hours.

Why Elevate K-12 Is Perfect For the Post-Pandemic Education Landscape

As the country moves into its post-pandemic phase and students return to school, it’s become increasingly clear that the virus has left gaps in learning. A recent study by McKinsey & Company estimates that COVID-related learning loss has put students behind anywhere from four to 12 months, depending on demographics.

Fortunately, new federal funding for schools struggling to get their students caught up has allowed them to partner with Elevate K-12 to address what could become a generational education crisis if left unchecked.

“Elevate K-12 has proven to be a trustworthy partner in our quest to provide high-quality instruction to every student in our district,” said Keith Burton, Chief Academic Officer at Caddo Parish School Board in Shreveport, Louisiana. “It’s our job as district leaders to find solutions to the problems that have created inequity across schools, and Elevate K-12 has been a significant part of the solution for us. All students, regardless of location, socio-economics or ability, must have access to teachers delivering quality content — that’s the only way for them to reach real success.”

Providing an immediate, cost-effective solution to a problem that has only gotten worse since the start of the pandemic, Elevate K-12 is also able to offer teachers a true, in-classroom experience without the commute or forced downtime between class periods.

But students are the real winners, said Baranwal. “We’re able to give them the gift of a high-quality, life-changing education that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to access otherwise. Now, with Elevate K-12, for the first time, every single school in America — and soon across the globe — has access to the best teachers in every subject, and we’re excited to help them take full advantage of that opportunity.”

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