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The Benefits of Being a Teacher With Elevate K-12

November 1, 2021

The Benefits Of Online Teaching

Remember when you thought years of sitting through lectures, studying for college exams, and completing a student teaching rotation was hard? Then you walked into the classroom on your very first day and found out just what hard actually meant.

No matter how many years you’ve served in the classroom up to this point, it’s not likely that you’d ever describe your job as being easy.

People certainly don’t go into the field of education to sit back and relax or to enjoy the prestige that comes along with the career.

Being a teacher is hard work. You literally vow to educate each and every one of your students in a packed classroom no matter what their abilities are or which obstacles stand in your way from one day to the next.

Some days you don’t think you can make it through yet another day while others you can’t imagine ever giving up the incredible rewards that come from working with students.

But of course, there’s a fine balance between giving it your all and giving up far too much of yourself. The former leaves you feeling satisfied and like you’re really making a difference in the world while the latter leaves you feeling depleted and burned out.

The good news is that there are more opportunities than ever to enjoy a teaching career on your terms so that you can give it your all without giving away your own peace and freedom.

In fact, becoming an online teacher with Elevate K-12 may be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

There are so many advantages to working for Elevate K-12, it’s hard to know where to start.

Online educators at Elevate K-12:

  • Set their own hours
  • Work remotely from any location
  • Teach in real-time by streaming live
  • Teach a variety of subjects including core subject areas and electives
  • Provide equitable education to all of their students
  • Use a high-quality curriculum that has already been created for them
  • Have access to materials that are designed specifically for online use
  • Work with students throughout the quarter, semester, or full year
  • Having a paraprofessional to help you with classroom management
  • Don’t get exposed to communicable diseases during the course of their workday

Working as a teacher with Elevate K-12 means focusing more on student growth, watching those beautiful aha moments as they happen in real-time, and building those important relationships students need to succeed.

But working as a teacher with Elevate K-12 also means dealing with fewer issues that haunt teachers throughout the day—as in fewer behavioral problems in the classroom, fewer interruptions, fewer meetings that could have been an email, fewer hours spent creating your own curriculum and turning lesson plans into your principal, and fewer illnesses that you bring home to your own family.

In fact, Elevate K-12 makes it possible for more educational professionals to stay in the career they love because they get to make a difference without all of the sacrifices.

From burned-out teachers to online tutors who recently lost their income, military spouses, and stay at home parents, a career with Elevate K-12 gives you everything you love about teaching without all the usual headaches like rushing to work in the morning, putting your own children in daycare, or never being able to travel outside of scheduled school vacations.

Want to educate kids, feel accomplished, and be your own boss?

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