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Online Teaching Jobs: How To Become an Online Teacher

October 25, 2022

Online Teaching Jobs

Do you have a passion for teaching but want something different than teaching in a classroom full-time? If so, you are not alone. Many talented and caring individuals are wondering how to become an online teacher. Now is a great time to become an online teacher because more and more schools value the benefits of certified, energetic, and engaging Livestream Teachers. 

If you are wondering how to jump-start your new career, you’ve come to the right place. This guide details how to become an online teacher and how to find online teaching jobs. 

What does an online teacher do?

An online teacher provides livestream instruction to students in a classroom at a school. With Elevate, online teachers can commit to their choice of periods per day and focus entirely on live teaching and empowering student engagement. Live teachers do not have to work a full school day or spend time between classes creating lesson plans. Live teachers utilize specialized technology to interact fluidly with students and paraprofessionals who support the learning environment. 

Online Teacher Qualifications

It takes a special person to be a teacher, and teachers need to meet certain qualifications to succeed at teaching online. 


An online teacher needs a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States.


To teach online, you need an active, verifiable teaching certificate in the state where you wish to teach. 


Online teachers need to be available for a daily block of time of at least 3 hours that takes place Monday-Friday, between 8am-4pm, within the time zone of the school. Plus you need to be able to work a part-time schedule of 5-25 hours per week. 


Successful online teachers have past experience working with the grades they want to teach. 


Online teachers do not have to buy supplies and materials for the classroom. You just need a laptop or computer and a reliable high-speed internet connection. 


Most importantly, online teachers need to have a passion for helping students learn and grow. 

7 Benefits of Becoming an Online Teacher

Teaching is a noble and highly fulfilling profession. Online teaching can be equally as rewarding as in-person teaching, and it comes with a few additional perks. 

1. Inspire and Educate Students 

As an online teacher, you get to connect with students, utilize creative engagement strategies, and fill a serious need. Your work prevents classes from getting canceled and prevents schools from having to ask unqualified individuals to teach courses. 

2. Have Everything You Need to Succeed

Say goodbye to the days of buying the supplies for your classroom or spending all your spare time writing lesson plans. Online teachers only need a laptop or computer and high-speed internet access. We provide everything else that you and the students need to succeed. 

3. Choose Your Subjects 

Due to teacher shortages, schools sometimes have to ask teachers to step in and provide instruction in subjects outside of their scope of expertise. As an online teacher, you get to teach your area of expertise and feel confident in the education you provide.

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4. Work Part-Time

Online teachers get to work part-time, as few as 5 hours and up to 25 hours per week. Online teaching is ideal for educators who want more time with their family, retirees who miss teaching but want to enjoy as much free time as possible, young professionals who want an inspiring career that allows them to travel the world, and experienced educators who want time for side hustles or passion projects.

5. Set Your Own Schedule 

Online teachers get to choose their hours of availability between 8 and 5, as long as they have a minimum 3-hour block of time. This means that you have the flexibility to achieve the work-life balance you deserve. 

6. Work from Anywhere

Do you want to work from home or work while traveling the globe? Online teaching is ideal for homebodies and globetrotters alike. As an online teacher, you get to skip the commute and have more time to invest where you choose.  

7. Online Teaching Jobs Salary

Online teachers earn between $22 and $35 per hour, and they are paid for both teaching and administrative time. 

Elevate K-12 Online Teaching Jobs

We are always looking to bring passionate, energetic new teachers into our team here at Elevate! With Elevate K-12, you can live teach on your own part-time schedule from home or anywhere life takes you. We currently operate in 27 states and we are rapidly expanding to new states across the U.S. in K-12 schools. 

To join a strong community of flexible, passionate, high-quality educators, learn more about our online teaching positions or apply now!

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