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The Future of Classroom Teaching: Face to Face or Live Online

December 16, 2021

Teaching From Home

While online learning has been around for decades — and the teacher shortage has been around for a while, too — it took a global pandemic for many people in the United States to realize just what opportunities online learning really presents. The staggering technological advances we see everyday are bringing big changes to the education field, just as they are to many other industries.

Gone are the days when teaching could only occur inside the brick-and-mortar classroom, when students would sit in neat little rows, and the only materials needed were a chalkboard and a piece of chalk.

In our constantly evolving world, students learn through dynamic multimedia presentations, hands-on activities, and by peer-to-peer collaboration. All of these experiences prepare them even more fully for the technology-driven careers that await them!

And students aren’t the only ones being impacted by these changes.

At the onset of the pandemic, many teachers around the country were thrust into online teaching without any proper training or tools. For many teachers, students, and parents, it often felt like an epic disaster, but it also showed educators that with the proper training and tools, teaching online could come with a lot of perks.

From focusing on the craft of teaching to accessing professional development and a community of instructors from the comfort of your own home, teaching online provides a means to enjoy all the good things about being a teacher — and to say goodbye to all the rest.

Virtual teaching is becoming a lucrative career in its own right, and many teachers are excited to learn about the latest educational technology tools on the market and put them to use within their classrooms.

And Elevate K-12 is ready to make that opportunity a reality for even more teachers right now!

In addition to the flexibility of hours, a preset and provided curriculum, and assistance with grading and lesson planning, Elevate K-12 teachers also have the advantage of being leaders in this increasingly-digital climate. Our highly qualified instructors are live-streaming directly into classrooms in live, engaging, and synchronous learning environments, and leading the nation in this hybrid education model.

Our society is still adjusting to an influx of new processes, tools, and digital landscapes — and we know with certainty that they’re not going anywhere. The future of almost every industry is online. The future of education is online and in the classroom.

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