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Teach Physical Science Online

Teach Physical Science Remotely

Live Physical Science teaching on your own part-time schedule. Choose the hours (up to 25 per week) you want to teach, and teach from home or anywhere life takes you.

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I love that Elevate allows me to teach students across the country. The interactive portal makes it easy and fun to connect with each student in the classroom for class discussions, problem solving, and answering questions.

Rebecca H.

Become an Elevate live Physical Science Teacher

At Elevate K-12, we are changing how physical science classrooms work through live, online, real-time instruction. As an Elevate K-12 teacher, you can follow your passion for teaching physical science and teach from home or anywhere life takes you. We provide you with the flexibility, training, curriculum, and support you need to give your students excellent learning experiences. Use your creativity and engagement skills to help students develop a foundational understanding of physics and chemistry.

Requirements for Online Science Teaching Jobs

To apply for online physical science teaching jobs, you need to meet the following requirements:


You need a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in the United States. 


You need an active, verifiable physical science teaching certificate. 


You can choose your hours and work a part-time schedule of 5-25 hours per week. Within the flexible schedule, you must be available for 3-hour blocks of time during the school day. 


You only need a laptop or computer, a desk, a chair, and a reliable internet connection. 


You need experience working with middle or high school students. 


You need a passion for helping students learn physical science and the skills to engage students effectively. 

Benefits of Becoming an Online Physical Science Teacher

Being a teacher is a rewarding and fulfilling career, and online physical science teacher jobs allow enthusiastic professionals to do what they love and take advantage of many benefits, including: 

Competitive Pay

As an Elevate K-12 online Physical Science teacher, you can earn $22/hour + bonuses. We pay for teaching hours and an additional 20% for administrative time outside the classroom. 

Ultimate Work-Life Balance

Say goodbye to working long hours before, during, and after school. With an Elevate K-12 teaching schedule, you can set your hours and work part-time. 

Ability to Focus Completely on Teaching

We develop the curriculum and write the lesson plans, so all you need to do is focus entirely on helping students learn. The paraprofessional helps with classroom management and parent communications, and you never have to work lunch duty.

Professional Development and Training

As an Elevate K-12 teacher, you receive professional development and training opportunities so that you have the tools you need to succeed and opportunities to enhance your skills. 

Technical Support

If a technology issue arises, you do not have to worry. We provide 24/7 access to live technical support so your classroom can run smoothly. 

College Tuition Discounts

Teachers love learning, and we love helping people learn. We provide college tuition discounts to support your professional and intellectual growth. 

Social Hours 

We recognize the importance of relationships and the value of connecting with colleagues. As an Elevate K-12 teacher, you will be invited to social hours where you can talk with other online educators. 

Fully Remote

When you teach physical science online, you can skip the commute and swap your dress shoes for slippers. The fully remote work environment helps you maximize efficiency. 

Physical Science Syllabus

As an online physical science teacher with Elevate K-12, you bring your knowledge and dynamic teaching skills, and we bring the curriculum. In the course, you guide and inspire students to enrich their understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics and chemistry. You lead collaborative and engaging lessons on the following units:

  • Intro to physical science
  • Matter
  • Atomic theory and the periodic table
  • Chemical reactions
  • Solutions
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Forces and motion
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Energy
  • Work and machines
  • Waves

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Out-of-State Teacher Certification

We are looking for enthusiastic educators who love to inspire students and help them learn, regardless of zip code. For teachers who want to educate across state lines from the comfort of their desks at home, we offer a unique opportunity to teach now and get certified later. To learn more, visit our Out-of-State Teacher Page.

Available Online Physical Science Teaching Jobs:

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    Set your own hours during the school day, between 5-25 hours per week.

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    Teach kids for a full year and and make meaningful connections.

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    Gain access to professional development and a community of teachers.

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    Focus on your craft of teaching, we write the lesson plans for you.

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    Moved, or want to? Work from anywhere.

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    Ditch the commute and swap your dress shoes for slippers!

    Teach live, and live life on your own terms.

    Teach Science from home during the day and choose your own hours from 8 to 5. Skip the commute and the endless hours of writing lesson plans.

    Join certified Science teachers from across the country who are providing live-streamed, high-quality instruction to schools.