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Meet Elevate Instructor Tasha DiCoio

Elevate K-12 recognizes one outstanding teacher and one academic coach for their excellent work with our students each month. This month, we talked to Tasha DiCoio, an English teacher, museum lover, and mom of two, about her experience teaching with Elevate and what keeps her inspired!

How long have you been teaching with Elevate? What subject?

I've been teaching with Elevate for six months. This is my second semester with the program, and I currently teach 10th grade English with Americus Sumter High School in Georgia. Last semester, I taught two 9th grade classes at Athens High School in Texas.

What does a typical teaching day look like for you?

My typical teaching day starts very similarly to how my brick and mortar classes did: I review my lesson plans, set up my board/slides, then coordinate with my Classroom Coach for any printing or classroom setup. Then it's time to greet the students and introduce our essential questions for the day!

I have three 10th grade English class periods for 90 minutes each. Students participate using the Elevate features, such as the Class Chat and Hand Raise buttons, but we also have traditional group work and whole-class discussions. I have a whole hour between classes where I spend my time grading, meal prepping for my family, and recently I've added a yoga routine.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am an avid reader, usually science fiction and thriller novels in my free time. I have two daughters, 11 and 14, and I am active in their extracurricular activities, such as JROTC and soccer. I also enjoy art and visit museums whenever I can. In February, I went to the Orlando Museum of Art Director Series: Connoisseurship & Collecting, highlighting Jean Michel Basquiat to kick off Black History Month.

What's your "why" that keeps you inspired to teach with Elevate?

Teaching with Elevate has many advantages. Because I can work from home, I can be available for many events with my children, as my commute is eliminated. Also, the technology helps to track student progress and challenges. Differentiation becomes a breeze when many of the assignments can be adapted and customized with a few clicks. I'm also able to work with virtual or in-house students, meaning no one is left behind!

What's your favorite thing about your Elevate classes?

My favorite part of teaching with Elevate is the kids. Even though I'm just a face on a screen, they are quick to endear themselves!

What's been your favorite moment in your virtual classroom so far?

The first class I ever taught was 6th grade Speech and Debate. The lesson plans Elevate uses are very engaging for the students. When we had our first Socratic Seminar for the dystopian novel Animal Farm, it was satisfying to hear the students' thoughts and connections shared as dialogue. Many students perform best verbally, and seeing those kids in their element was by far my favorite moment.

What advice would you give a teacher interested in teaching with Elevate?

It is a great opportunity! If you're feeling daunted by the technology aspect, the Academic Coach and training seminars are a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the program. It is very user-friendly, and with very little time, you will focus on the best part of teaching: interacting with the kids in engaging lessons!

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