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Elevate K-12 Launches Java and Python Courses Classes

September 26, 2022


Elevate K-12, the Chicago-based live-streaming education company, has announced the launch of Java and Python live-streaming classes. These courses will prepare high school students for college-level programming education and successful careers in computer science.

The courses are structured as introductions to the Java and Python programming languages, and there are no prerequisites. 

“We’re excited to expand our course catalog with this widely requested material,” said Betsy McKibbin, Elevate K-12’s VP of brand marketing. “We want students to experience this content and decide if they want to pursue the subject further in college or their careers.”

Studies suggest a positive correlation between economic growth and technological literacy. While many school districts are interested in establishing a programming curriculum, a staffing shortage impedes their ability to do so.

Elevate K-12’s mission is to solve the nation’s teacher shortage by providing high-quality education streaming to schools, irrespective of location. The result, showcased by the rapidly growing number of districts partnered with Elevate K-12, is unprecedented equity in education.

“It is challenging to find qualified teachers in each zip code to teach these courses,” said Shaily Baranwal, CEO of Elevate K-12. “In our commitment to elevating students’ lives nationwide, we are excited to offer these opportunities to our school districts.”

Elevate K-12 aims to create universal computer science education and pave the way toward a more advanced, prosperous future. The company views introducing Java and Python courses as a critical next step.

“We truly believe in the value of these courses in creating long-term, positive student outcomes,” said Baranwal. “We expect to see more demand for programming classes moving forward, and we are prepared to meet that demand as it arises.”

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About Elevate K-12 
Elevate K-12 is a Chicago-based instructional services company that brings high-quality live-streamed instruction into K-12 classrooms. Schools and districts partner with Elevate K-12’s unique instructional solution to solve their teacher shortage challenges and overuse of long-term substitutes or low-quality teachers. Its tech-enabled service comprises Proprietary Live Instructional Management Technology, Live Instruction Service, Curriculum and Classroom Management to provide the necessary tools for collaborative teaching and learning that emulates the experience of a real, physical classroom. Elevate K-12 currently operates in 27 states and is rapidly expanding to new states across the U.S. in K-12 schools. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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