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Meet the winners of our First Annual 2021 Elevate K-12 Awards


May 13, 2022

Amritansh Tambi

As the education industry is dealing with a teacher shortage and COVID Learning Loss, there are bright spots on the horizon. Dozens of them. These sales, human resources, operations, and technology Elevaters featured in our 1st Annual Elevate K-12 Awards give everyone reason to hope.

Some are solving problems to make the organization more efficient; others are helping on the frontlines, serving our schools and districts, working to make sure every student has access to a great education. Collectively, our Elevaters have raised the bar and are proof that there is no shortage of ambition and innovation in this team.

Rising Star

Keenan Lang Backe

US Winner: Keenan Lang-Backe

“Keenan is a great asset to our team! Hard work is his middle name. He is always there to help and super motivating for the team!”

Mark Shekri

India Winner: Mark Shekri

“Mark has wasted no time in assuming greater responsibilities within the Content Team. He is ever willing to accept additional responsibilities and is extremely helpful.”

Unsung Hero

Henri Nawrocki

US Winner: Henri Nawrocki

“Henri has been the most consistent winner on the team. He never discusses it- just hustles and gets it done. He also hosts weekly meditations for our team just out of the kindness of his heart. He wants everyone to succeed.”

Ravi Mishra

India Winner: Ravi Mishra

“One man in 100 places at once! Does he ever sleep?! He is the tech check King and we would not be where we are today without his ability to multitask, stay cool all while keeping our customers happy.”

Hustle and Grit

Allie Wincent Winner

US Winner: Allie Vincent

“Allie works so hard and takes no prisoners. Has no fear in asking questions and making things happen!”

Anand Jumar Yadav

India Winner: Anand Kumar Yadav

“He is the pillar of the Instructor Allocation team.”

Customer Excellence

Ashley Goolsby

US Winner: Ashley Goolsby

“Ashley is so good at customer success and customer communications! Proud to work her with and I know our partners feel the same. She is a strong advocate of high-quality services and knows she cares deeply about student success.”

Hrishikesh Bobhate

India Winner: Hrishikesh Bobhate

“Hrishkesh has done amazing work with customer excellence by handling endless chats, first on Google hangouts and now on Freshchat, ensuring that every chat has a resolution.”


Carolyn Lanctot

US Winner: Carolyn Lanctot

“Carolyn is always reaching out to others to help make Elevate the best. She was so wonderful while piloting our new portal last year and was able to get all functions involved to have a successful launch. I know I can always go to Carolyn if I need anything!”

Sahir Gujrathi

India Winner: Sahir Gujrathi

“Sahir is always supportive and ready to help. You can go to him for anything and everything.”

Problem Solver

James Dunford

US Winner 1: James Dunford

“James has been an incredible go-to for all things Elevate K-12! He’s always willing to help find answers and is constantly working to make our organization better and more efficient!”

Kristen Rolek

US Winner 2: Kristen Rolek

“Kristen is a problem solver as she juggles her work with sales, customers, operations, content, and instructors. She is a great cheerleader for Elevate K-12 and a great team player as well!”

Patrick Harris

US Winner 3: Patrick Harris

“Our leader, and a great one at that. Never lets a problem go unsolved.”

Avinash Kajare

India Winner 1: Avinash Kajare

“If anyone in any team has any problem or issue, Avinash is the go-to person. He is always there to solve any problem.”

Amritansh Tambi

India Winner 2: Amritansh Tambi

“Amritansh is the first one to jump in and focus on a problem as stated and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution.”

Divij Sonak

India Winner 3: Divij Sonak

“Divij handles all technical updates, feedback, challenges, and improvements with a “Can Do” mentality. Never stops trying to problem solve.”

Shining Star

Mary Kleiger

US Winner: Mary Kleiger

“Mary is the epitome of being an Elevater. If this company had a cheerleading squad, Mary would be the captain. Not only does she wear many hats as a Senior People Specialist, but she brings our teams together. Whether it be Funvengers, parties, happy hours, or simply going into the office, she always helps reinstate my pride in this company.”

Deepika Paliwal

India Winner: Deepika Paliwal

“Deepika consistently demonstrates Elevate K-12 values. She is very passionate about our mission of impacting students and goes above and beyond to help Elevate K-12 grow as a company.”

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