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What is a “Vision Board” and Why Should You Make One?

January 6, 2022

Vision Board Planning

We’ve finally made it to 2022 and are running full speed ahead into New Years’ resolutions territory. This time of year can bring up feelings of fear or optimism, and often, people experience a hefty mix of both. That said, we’ve got you covered with a fun and entertaining way to work through your goals for this year.

How do you typically set intentions for the new year?

Oftentimes people journal, or add in a few extra workout classes to January’s Google calendar, but there may be an even more optimal way to goal-set this year — one that is proven to cause a significant change in your life!

A vision board is a collage of images and phrases that represent someone’s goals and aspirations. You’ll typically start with a corkboard or a poster and fill this blank canvas with photographs, magazine clippings, inspirational quotes, and items that are specific to what you are aiming to achieve. In today’s digital world, this can also be done on sites like Pinterest, where users can create a “board” to “pin” any images and quotes that align with their desires. You can create boards for different aspects of your life, for example, “dream house”, “dream career”, “dream vacation”, and so on.

Finding yourself constantly daydreaming about buying that beach house in Miami? Well, scientists say that sticking an image of it on your vision board can give you that extra push to take actionable steps towards having it.

According to Psychology Today, vision boards are an effective tool for imagining what a positive future could look like for our lives. This leads to an increase in positive emotions like optimism, which then leads to increased opportunities for success.

If you’re hoping to generate massive shifts in your life in 2022, making a vision board may be worth considering. Not sure where to start? Try finding some journal prompts like, “My heart desires…” or, “My deepest dream is…” and go from there! Freely writing and reflecting about your goals can help inform what images to cut and paste.

Next, you’ll want to collect all of your images and quotes and assemble your vision board.

Once you’ve dreamt up a clear picture of what you want the next year to look like, display your board somewhere you can see it every single day. This will ensure that each day you wake up, you’re taking a step (baby steps count!) towards creating the life your heart is set on.

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